Radical Agenda EP282 – Sanctuary

It recently came to my attention, that Eli Rivera, the Sheriff for Cheshire County, New Hampshire (where I reside), stated that he would not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He even went so far as to say “If you are an undocumented person in Cheshire County and feel uncertain about approaching law enforcement for fear they will turned you over to ICE, feel free to call me, Sheriff Eli Rivera.”

Radical Agenda EP282 - Sanctuary

Radical Agenda EP282 – Sanctuary

This comes as Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he would be stripping billions in federal funding from so called “sanctuary” cities, and states.  That seems reasonable enough to me, seeing as to how you and I go to prison when we break the law, the least the federal government can do is stop subsidizing other criminal activity.

The move is less than likely to have any real impact. Cheshire County isn’t exactly the premier destination for the brown plague of illegal immigration, yet. It does however point to a very serious problem in New Hampshire and elsewhere, of government officials completely ignoring not only the law, but the facts. Making your jurisdiction a safe haven for lawbreakers, hasn’t exactly resulted in plummeting crime rates in places that have already taken such measures. Democrats and those law enforcement personnel unfortunate enough to find themselves under leftist leadership, keep telling us this is so illegal immigrants can feel comfortable reporting crimes. Unfortunately, illegal immigrants are usually hesitant to report crimes because they are entirely too frequently the ones committing them. Even when they aren’t the culprits, cooperating with the justice system of the country you’re invading isn’t usually top of the priorities list for waves of hostile foreigners trying to end the white race.

What is more troubling is libertarian reaction to the announcement. FreeKeene.com celebrated the news, calling Rivera “heroic”. It is apparently lost on Ian and his ilk, that selectively enforcing laws is hardly a victory for freedom. Granting one group of people the de facto right to break the law while the rest of the population is held to compelled to comply with more laws than anyone could ever hope to memorize, makes royalty out of invading foreigners while turning native born residents into second class citizens.

New Hampshire has maintained a standard of living and appreciation for freedom seen quite rarely throughout the rest of the world. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, that is largely because our population is roughly 96% white as of the last census. Sheriff Rivera isn’t trying to advance liberty or protect human dignity by inviting illegal immigrants into Cheshire County, he’s trying to destroy our way of life.

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