Radical Agenda EP284 – Pity The Fool

Yo whaddup? It’s ya boy D, nahmsayin? Chris out tryina turn hoes into housewives uh somethin, so I jacked that whiteboy studio to do a show. Today, I’mma give you da real lowdown on whats poppin lately. We gone talk bout countering racist logic. How melanin is the key to humanity. How “logic” is just an oppressive white male construct. And much more.

Radical Agenda EP284 - Pity The Fool

Radical Agenda EP284 – Pity The Fool

Fa real dough, like, the alt right and libertarians, yall is mostly cool and whateva. Thang is dough,  ya always losin! How you gone talk to me bout supremacy, when I be out bangin mo white chicks than you? How you sposed ta tell me yall the master race when my peoples outbreed ya even after forming lines outside abortion clinics? Dawg, ya’ll be like quoting Darwin and whatnot, talkin bout evolution, but then you run around pologizin because we out killin yall and grindin wit ya bitches?

Yalls funny man, fareal. I’m pickin up what ya puttin down but ya seem to be betta at talkin den doin. Holla at me, 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

Join us, for this special April Fool’s Day episode of the Radical Agenda, from 7-9pm Eastern. It’s a show bout killin whitey where we talkin bout radical, crazy, off the wall thangs like bein kangz.

I’m still banned from streaming to YouTube and Facebook, so there won’t be any streams there. I’ll be airing on Ustream and TuneIn today only. The video will be uploaded by the next day.
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