Radical Agenda EP289 – The Franchise

Here at the Radical Agenda, we have what might be described as mixed feelings about voting. Democracy obviously isn’t working out very well, at least not by the standards of anyone who values peace or prosperity. Some libertarians have suggested, and for a time I agreed, that boycotting elections is the answer. That by this method, we could delegitimize democratic governments and default back to some kind of Rothbardian market order.

Radical Agenda EP289 - The Franchise

Radical Agenda EP289 – The Franchise

There are some obvious problems with this. Most obviously, anyone who boycotted the election would necessarily have no say in its outcome, leaving control over government to one’s political rivals. Since libertarians are almost exclusively white and male in America, a libertarian boycott of the polls would leave control of the the State to women and non-whites.

Well, if you think that will bring us closer to a civilization based on property rights and contracts, then perhaps you should pack your bags and head over to South Africa. Shelley Garland, who appears at first glance to be a white male indulging in a transgender delusion, wrote a blog at the Huffington Post suggesting that white males should be “denied the franchise” or right to vote, for a period of 20-30 years in South Africa. “Her” reasoning was that white men, shockingly enough, keep on voting for policies that are in line with conservative/libertarian values, such as  strong protections of private property. Without that influence, says Shelley, all of the world’s problems would be solved because they could take the white man’s property away and then everyone would have what they needed.

Unsurprisingly, there is little thought of what will happen to white women when the white vote is cut in half, and their traditional protectors no longer have a say in matters of State. It is easy to sound like a defender of women by demonizing men if your audience is stupid enough, but I doubt many South African white women are looking forward to being surrounded by black African males with no white men standing between them.

As for the economics, there really isn’t any economic analysis to respond to. Just the simple assertion that white males are bad and have property, and that non-whites will be happy when they have the fruits of the white man’s efforts. What all that capital does when it is distributed amongst people with IQs around 70 never seems to  occur to Shelley. I predict a wild weekend or three will see that wealth rapidly accumulated into a few hands once again.

You might have thought this was some mistake. Some editorial error. Surely the Huffington Post would never post something so racist and sexist and anti-democratic after all their demands that racism and sexism be outlawed and ended entirely. Thankfully however, the Huffington Post reliably assured us that this blog was just what the world needed. You see, racism and sexism are not about race and sex per se. It is about ending the white race by bringing down white males and leaving their women to the mercy of other males.

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