May 15

Radical Agenda EP301 – Vanguard America

Blood and Soil. Race and Nation. Seems most Americans have forgotten about such things these days, but not Vanguard America. Their leader joins us to discuss the organization, its ideas, and its goals. One thing is for sure, Vanguard America doesn’t mind if you call them fascists (neither do I).

Radical Agenda EP301 - Vanguard America

Radical Agenda EP301 – Vanguard America

But what will fascism look like in America? From

American Fascism will have a political philosophy unlike any other defining characteristic America has seen. The American people are truly unique in history. We are descended from pioneers and individualists and thus some of the more authoritarian style governments which have been tried successfully in Europe may not work in America if a direct replica is tried.

When the Libertarian comes to the realization that his particular philosophy, although in his mind superior, can only have a chance of success if it excludes many of the things which would be directly allowed by such an ideology, such as moral degeneracy or multiculturalism, authoritarianism becomes not only possible, but inevitable. Some of those within the failed, dwindling Conservative movement are now slowly coming to that realization as well.

The Conservative false idols entered a death spiral in which they could only maintain power by compromising on core beliefs, mostly by giving tacit approval for multiculturalism, and their compromises only gave them breathing room for another election or so in which they would have to compromise more to appeal to the large amounts of Leftist voters imported from abroad.

The Leftists themselves now had the option to import more and more non-Whites in order to maintain power within the State. They may already have passed the number required to not only keep power but also render whites as a minority and eventually only a memory in their own country. Once this impending threat is accepted by White Americans they will have no recourse but to abandon all forms of Leftism and subscribe to the only ideology that can logically work to save them. It won’t be conservatism; this failed ideology that has conserved nothing.

Once the defection of Whites from the center to the fringes of both Left and Right as the nation enters an irreversible plunge of polarization, then so too will the intensification of attacks on Whites. This will require fit, well trained, well-armed and well supported men to provide protection for Whites across the country, to fill the role the State failed to do in protecting them and providing order. Our forefathers envisioned the possibility of a tyrannical State destroying its people, and while they never could have possibly imagined the nightmare we face today, they set us up with the right to become our own protectors in the Second Amendment.

Just being White will not be enough to earn protection; everyone will have to live up to the standards of this budding ultra-nationalist form of Fascism that has sprung up. Everyone will be bound around that axe, in unity. Everyone will once again honor and support the warriors, leaders and exemplary people. This will come to be a social duty. We have been infiltrated and influenced by those who wish us harm. Our people need to have morality and standards and be protected from poisonous and harmful outside influences.

American Fascism begins inside a man’s spirit and grows there. He decides that he will put his family, his people, and his nation before himself. He decides that he will secure a future for his people and he’ll sacrifice himself to accomplish this. He’ll work daily to ready himself for whatever he may be called upon to do for future generations for he knows that the better he is, the better his family, his people, and his nation is. He will improve his mind and his body so that he can be the best version of himself possible. He will help his brothers to do the same. God help anyone who stands opposed to such a man. American Fascism will once again make this nation a bastion of hope for all of Western Civilization and will pave the way to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

So join us, this and every Monday, as well as Wednesdays and Fridays from 5-7pm Eastern for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like American Fascism.

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  • Raven Capi

    Sounds exactly like propaganda I’ve heard from people who escaped from the Soviet Union. Thanks for having these lunatics on who prove that the only difference between International Communism and National Socialism is borders.

  • tz1

    One of the meta-libertarian principles is to be reactive, not pro-active.
    Don’t look for monsters to destroy, let the market work things out, and only if there is a failure that creates a nuisance should you even think about intervening.

    A huge demand for labor well exceeding supply is better than all the living wage laws and other attempts at legislation. We can’t end welfare if there are no jobs.

    Pay gaps? difference between Steve Job’s genius and Home Depot’s CEO stripping the company and getting a golden parachute for his failure.

    Wal-Mart gets Wall-street credit, the Mom and Pops that support Kiwanas, the churches, and the high school teams don’t. End the Fed and many problems go away.

    As to intervention:
    It should be minimal and address the root cause – barriers to entry, externalities, judicial failure (harmed individuals can’t use the courts) , etc.
    It should have a sunset provision.
    It should be ended if it causes worse problems instead of going down “The Road to Serfdom”.

    I have imagined what I might do, but it would involve being a perfectly constitutional tyrant, e.g. having a dog “indicate” on a supreme court justice, then having them strip/body-cavity searched, and held 5 years for their “speedy” trial, naked in solitary (that’s all constitutional) and see if the remanining justices might recerse a few decisions. Play the intimate NSA or whatever recordings of Congress captured via Stingray (obviously any evidence would be thrown out, but bells can’t be unrung) and see if they would pass amendments strengthening protections. And so much to crush states – the butterfly effect commerce clause, gun rights, FDA …, and “suggest” they pass some other “States Rights” amendments.

    That is the way to restore liberty – everything Hitler did was legal and voted. Show them the power of the US executive – fascist emperor, and tell them they’re just following the constitution, but propose a set of amendments that would slay Leviathan to something Ron Paul approved.