Radical Agenda EP303 – That Articulate Black Guy

“That Guy T” is a libertarian YouTube personality who recently went all 1488 and started curb stomping degenerates for the glory of the ethnostate. Everybody sorta freaked out when it happened because he’s black, and that’s not the sort of violence we’re used to seeing from young black males. He’s like Clayton Bigsby with eyesight, and he joins us for the entirety of this episode.

Radical Agenda EP303 - That Articulate Black Guy

Radical Agenda EP303 – That Articulate Black Guy

The real story is slightly less interesting, but I’ve been taking exaggeration tips from the liberal media in hopes of increasing my revenues.

He tweeted that he “might be a fascist” in the vein of Milo’s “I think I might be anarcho-capitalist” and shockingly enough, there were people who took issue with this statement. Here I was thinking fascism was going to save America like Ludwig von Mises said it saved Europe back in the day, but all these supposed free market economists seem  to prefer the hyperinclusive mass democratic communism of modern times, over any presently realistic alternative. It is almost as if they were saboteurs sent by the established powers, insisting that the beatings must continue until the abolition of the State.

As T rightly pointed out in his video, “The Case for Libertarian Fascism“, all that matters right now is defeating the left. So long as calls for tax reform are met with cries of racism, reasoned debate and discussion are impossible. While leftists might appeal to the libertinism of some supposed libertarians, there is a great deal more overlap – both philosophically and strategically – between libertarians and fascists than there is between libertarians and communists. We can’t have a free society full of drug addled hookers and Johns. We can’t have any society at all if people aren’t breeding. We can’t have a society based on non-aggression, when people define scientific evidence as aggression. Fascism is our friend, even if only because it is the enemy of communism.

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