Radical Agenda EP306 – Jared Howe

Jared Howe is the Assistant Media Director at BeingLibertarian.com, a guest contributor at LibertyHangout.org, and cohosts the libertarian podcast “BackWordz LIVE” with Eric July”. Despite his “being libertarian” Jared is a decidedly right wing guy, and views the left with nearly as much hostility as I do.

Radical Agenda EP306 - Jared Howe

Radical Agenda EP306 – Jared Howe

In a piece titled “The Radical Left Declares War on America. When Do We Start Taking it Seriously?” Jared writes;

These terrorists must be stopped by any means necessary if they continue to escalate. If they aren’t, they won’t stop with white conservatives. They’ll isolate and eliminate every K-selected person on the planet, at which point humanity will regress to its pre-agricultural stage — and that’s if we’re lucky.

Leftism is a suicide cult. Its subscribers are parasites. Their victory over us and subsequent purge of productive people may literally mean the end of humanity. This cannot be allowed to happen. The police must be unleashed upon those who violate private property norms, and restrictions on self-defense must be prohibited.

About the recent bombing in Manchester;

The #Manchester attack is just more proof that subsidizing the importation and birth rates of refugees creates insular, Balkanized communities in which subsequent generations are increasingly radicalized. This attack wouldn’t have happened absent the state’s immigration policies. It shouldn’t have happened. The attacker’s parents should have never been in the UK to begin with. He shouldn’t have even been born there.

That’s an indisputable fact.

Ron Paul, Stefan Molyneux, and so many others are right. You can’t invade everyone and invite everyone with no expectation of blowback — especially when the state’s immigration programs prioritize the importation of Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS sympathizers who are explicitly hostile to private property norms and western culture.

To combine global war with an open door immigration policy and welfare for economic migrants is to orchestrate the collapse of your civilization. You literally couldn’t design a better way to destroy a society and subjugate its people if you tried. This is why the UK voted to leave the EU.

It’s time for common sense immigration restrictions in western countries

We’ll also be joined at the beginning of the program briefly by Augustus Invictus. He is promoting an event protesting the removal of a confederate statue in Orlando on Saturday May 27th.

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