Radical Agenda EP307 – Social Saturday

This ended up being the angriest episode of Radical Agenda yet, and had almost nothing to do with this blog post.

For reasons I’ll not trouble you with, I had to skip the regularly scheduled Friday show. To make matters worse, I’ve been post blocked on Facebook for another 30 days. Which is a real shame, because I had been on quite a roll. You can still keep up with me on Gab.ai. I’ll make up the episode tonight, Saturday May 27 from 10pm until midnight, or whenever I run out of gas.

Hear such classic hits as;

I think I’ll sell out and go alt-lite, maybe even constitutional conservative. Bah, who am I kidding? These people would call me a Nazi if I blew Netanyahu.

Radical Agenda EP307 - Social Thursday

Radical Agenda EP307 – Social Thursday

You’re not going to believe this if you didn’t just see it, but some idiot just called Obama’s foreign policy “isolationist” on Fox News channel’s “Outnumbered”, and of course it was a woman. I swear near every woman they hire is just reading Meghan McCain’s Twitter feed and hoping to catch Tucker Carlson looking at their tits so they can sue before the company goes bankrupt.

Tucker Carlson is basically telling white America to prepare for war as directly as he can get away with while remaining on Fox News. I couldn’t agree with him more, and if he tells me to pick up a gun, I’m doing it.

Hey guys, the Democrats say the Republicans are gonna kill children with their health care plan. If that’s the case, perhaps we should give the Republican Party half a billion a year in taxpayer funds, like Planned Parenthood.

I’m no expert on this, but I am skeptical of the notion that getting used to terrorism is a viable alternative to kicking the terrorists out.

Fox News is all upset that a communist revolutionary is being honored in a parade, and I’m all like “They fuckin elected one president in 2008, and we’d be in his third term if not for the 22nd amendment.”

I hate it when the Fox News host asks the guest “Why are liberals doing this crazy thing?” and I know the answer is “because they hate white people” but the guest lies by saying something else.

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