Radical Agenda EP313 – Morrakiu

Those of you who have been listening awhile have probably heard me mention Morrakiu, aka Tyrant Fashister, a few times. Those of you who haven’t are about to get introduced to one of the funniest, most talented people on the alt-right. He produces a segment known as the “Merchant Minute” which you may have heard on The Daily Shoah, and he has produced an ever growing number of hilarious musical bits, remixing pop songs into fascist propaganda the whole family can enjoy. Support his work on Patreon, until they shut it down.

Radical Agenda EP313 - Morrakiu

Radical Agenda EP313 – Morrakiu

Hits like;

The Edgytarian
Violent Mike
Cucks Punch Spencer
Merchants Roasting on an Open Fire
Physical Hoppe
My Wife’s Black Son (Cuck My Life Into Pieces)
What would Jeffrey Tucker Do?
Another One Fights The Cucks

He recently released a full album titled Fourteen Hatey-Hate

Like a lot of us, he would have told you a few years ago that he was an anarcho-capitalist, but now, he’s a fashy goy, and he joins us for today’s episode of the Radical Agenda.

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