Radical Agenda EP314 – Matters

James Comey gave America some valuable insights into how their Federal Government operates yesterday. He testified before Congress that Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who has called for blood in the streets to protest President Trump, told him to refer to the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton a “matter” instead of “investigation”. Interesting, that such a high ranking official would adopt the language of a political campaign for one candidate, and call for bloodshed over the other. I’m sure this wasn’t partisan at all.

Radical Agenda EP314 - Matters

Radical Agenda EP314 – Matters

Comey’s handling of these and other “matters” has Washington buzzing. Democrats seem to have had their hopes of an obstruction of justice case smashed against the rocks. Lacking any evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia however, hasn’t stopped them from beating that drum. So we can expect the frivolous accusations to keep saturating leftist news outlets until the final solution is accepted and implemented.

Comey broke a great many standards, rules, and laws leading up to his ouster. Covering up for Hillary Clinton’s crime spree, refusing to dispel false rumors about Trump, and leaking to the media, are not exactly what is expected from one of the top law enforcement officials in the United States. John Carney at Breitbart called it “Unprecedented FBI Supremacy”. So I decided to see what the police accountability blogs had to say about his misdeeds.

Shockingly enough, nothing at all. Searching for Comey on CopBlock.org shows the most recent post about him from May 16th 2016. In it, Aaron White complained about Comey’s lack of support for body cameras on police officers, saying it would increase crime rates. The Peaceful Streets Project has never even mentioned Comey. Photography Is Not A Crime posted about the leaked testimony on June 7th, jumping on the MSNBC bandwagon of attacking Trump by making unfounded comparisons to Watergate, but nothing has been posted since then.

It’s upsetting to me, having used to contribute to CopBlock, and having sympathy for other police accountability efforts. There are legitimate problems in law enforcement, stemming from the compulsory nature of the “services” they provide. Sadly, corruption in law enforcement only seems to matter to them when it inflames racial tensions, or otherwise promotes some sort of leftist agenda.

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