Radical Agenda EP321 – Escape from DC

Home, sweet home. I’m so happy to be back to my sorry excuse for a studio in Keene, New Hampshire. It’s been a fun trip, with stops in New York, Maryland, Virginia, and even the District of Criminals. I got to hang out with Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Augustus Invictus, and too many other great people to list here, all while getting called a Nazi by communist filth in need of helicopter rides.

Radical Agenda EP321 - Escape from DC

Radical Agenda EP321 – Escape from DC

The whole thing started off as a “Free Speech Rally” which had involved “Alt-Lite” characters like Gavin McInnes and Mike Cernovich. Once they found out Richard Spencer was invited however, they backed out for fear of being associated with racists. Not only did they back out, but they tried to compete with us by holding a “Rally Against Political Violence” at the same time.

Despite all the cucked talk of the alt right turning people away due to racial attitudes, I’m told we had a significantly larger turnout than the politically correct attempt at edgy cuckservatism nearby. As it turns out, being right wing, and taking an interest in free speech, is pretty much a white guy thing anyway. So telling non-whites to take a hike does not seem to hurt turnout at such things beyond a handful of lying cowards who are too busy kissing the asses of their chosenite financiers to care about actually accomplishing anything.

We’ll discuss that event, and some news has been piling up as well. Your calls as always at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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