Radical Agenda EP322 – Pravdamericana

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has once again exposed the mainstream media as little more than agenda driven propagandists. First releasing a tape of CNN medical producer John Bonifield saying the “Russia story” was complete BS being promoted for the sake of ratings. Then,  after CNN dismissed Bonfield’s speculations as irrelevant to the facts of the case, O’Keefe released another video of Van Jones saying the investigation was a “nothing burger”. This comes out on the heels of CNN retracting a story to avoid a $100 million lawsuit, and with Donna Brazile’s coordination with the Clinton campaign fresh in everyone’s minds.

Radical Agenda EP322 - Pravdamericana

Radical Agenda EP322 – Pravdamericana

If this is what goes on at CNN, a network that tries its best (and fails spectacularly) to appear neutral, you can just imagine what’s happening at MSNBC.

One of the first things that appealed to me about Trump early on was something Stefan Molyneux spotted before I did. He makes people hate the media. Like anyone right of Lindsay Graham,  I’ve always known the media had a severe left wing bias.  I had dramatically underestimated however, the depths to which they would sink to advance their agenda.

Watching their coverage of current events makes me feel like I’m wearing the glasses from “They Live!”. I see enemy propagandists stirring a populace to civil war, while the rest of the world sees only concerned journalists preserving the integrity of our institutions.

Suddenly however, I am not the only one who sees this. Others have the glasses too, and groups like Project Veritas and Judicial Watch are mass producing them for anyone who wants to have a peek.

I hesitate to say victory is inevitable, but I have a hard time imagining these deceptions working for much longer. Perhaps a new illusion will emerge, or perhaps we are about to extinguish the fire from which they conjure their smoke screens.

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