Jul 02

Radical Agenda EP324 – Catching Up

Between guests and calls, recent episodes have been light on news coverage. That’s great, it certainly makes my job easier, but there are a lot of stories I’ve been wanting to cover. So today we’ll do a special Saturday night episode of the Radical Agenda to try and get caught up.

Radical Agenda EP324 - Catching Up

Radical Agenda EP324 – Catching Up

Here are some stories on my radar;

Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners

Paris ‘No Go Zones’ Where Migrants Terrorize Women Threaten its 2024 Olympics Bid


30 GOP Congressmen Have Been Attacked or Threatened Since May


11 things I wish you knew about my child-free marriage

Frankfurt Becomes First German City Where Natives Are Minority

Luka Magnotta is getting married

All that and much more, plus your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

So join us for this special Saturday night edition of the Radical Agenda, from 9:30pm until whenever I run outta gas. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like the news.

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  • Pteronarcyd

    You waste much time and effort questioning long held moral societal norms, such as monogamy. Why compete with communists and Jews (forgive my redundancy) in such degeneracy? Monogamy maximizes societal productivity — it minimizes competition among men for pussy, thus allowing more energy to be directed to optimizing current society and in our future society’s assets, our children. It gives more men a stake in our society, making it easier to domesticate us.

    There’s a reason why commies have been attacking the monogamous family for decades — free love, no-fault divorce, homosexuality, homo marriage, transgender privilege, etc. Don’t, for fuck’s sake, aid and abet them by promoting polygamy in any form.

    Commies have been conditioned to react reflexively — anything an avowed Rightist expresses support for they will instantly attack. Rightists would do well to think long and hard before joining the commies in their attack on the monogamous family unit. In fact, I find your exploration of the potential benefits of polygyny to be mighty kikey of you.

  • Pteronarcyd

    Men, on average, are slightly more intelligent that are women. While men’s IQ tend to be more variable, no substantial difference between the sexes occurs at the low end of the scale, but there are significant more high IQ males.

    The reason why women tend to marry up is because it is relatively easy for them to do so.

    • Zorost

      You are begging the question. Why is it easy for them? Why is it hard for men to marry up?
      Answer of course is that women base marriage choices on material wealth &
      status(real or illusory) while men base our reproductive choices on physical appearance of fertility.

      Men don’t care if a woman is poor as long as she makes our brain think she’d be fertile. Women don’t care if a man is hot if he is broke. This is even true if the woman has a good paying job; just browse any dating website. Virtually every female entry says they love their job and that they want a man who [some indirect way of saying he has a good job.]

      The real problem isn’t so much IQ, but that women suppress their IQ when under emotional stress. This has something to do with oxytocin, which tends to cause this, but is mitigated to a degree depending on levels of testosterone.

      • Pteronarcyd

        “You are begging the question.”

        Not at all. I am busting a myth Cantwell is perpetuating — that men are, on average, smarter, but women’s intelligence has a smaller variance; thus, women are more tightly clustered around the average IQ of 100. Go to the link I provided and you will see this is not really true.

        For ages from 6.0 to 16.5, boys have an average IQ of 103.08 with a standard deviation of 14.54; the average for girls is 101.41 with a standard deviation of 13.55. While boys are slightly more intelligent, and I have no doubt that the less than 2-point difference is highly statistically significant, because the results are undoubtedly based on a very large sample size, the difference is likely less than one person could expect to see if he took two IQ tests on different days. The sex-specific distributions are plotted at the link, and you’ll see no substantial difference between the sexes at the low ends, but a diverenge, beginning at about IQ 80, that grows slightly but steadily as IQ increases. Thus, yes, there is a substantially greater number of genius boys than genius girls, but the proportion of retarded boys and girls is equal for all practical purposes.

        The claim that men commit most crime because there are more low IQ men than women, for example, is shown to be myth. The difference in crime rate between the sexes is more likely attributable to testosterone differences than IQ difference.

        Another study on adults, plotted at the link, shows men having a 5-IQ-point edge on women, with no sex-specific difference in standard deviation. At the Mensa entrance threshold of 130, there are twice as many men as women, which is what Mensa membership proportions are.

        By saying it is easy for women to marry up, in terms of IQ, which is positively corrlated with social status, I am merely pointing out that IQ studies show that at any given IQ quantile, there is a greater proportion of higher IQ men for a woman to choose from. A woman has to work to marry a guy substantially less intelligent than her.

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