Jul 05

Radical Agenda EP326 – New Low

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve learned the hard way never to overestimate the dignity of leftists. Whenever you think they have done the most despicable thing possible, just wait 24 hours and they will prove you wrong quite reliably.

Radical Agenda EP326 - New Low

Radical Agenda EP326 – New Low

It has really gotten to a point where nobody event finds it surprising, much less alarming when the media gets caught lying these days. Their “lie big, retract small” strategy is why savages still roam the streets saying “hands up don’t shoot” while rioting and setting buildings on fire. I don’t even think most of their viewers believe this Russia nonsense anymore.

Trying to violently topple a duly elected President, and blatantly lying about whatever they dreamed up the night before has become normalized. We don’t even expect them to tell the truth anymore. Generally however, we don’t expect them to track down meme makers online and threaten to dox them on one of the largest cable news networks in America.

That’s exactly what CNN just did though. CNN targeted Reddit user HanAssholeSolo because he took credit for a meme posted by President Donald Trump. A  meme in which a scene from a World Wrestling Entertainment skit featuring Trump had CNN’s logo superimposed on the face of someone Trump skillfully beat the tar out of. If they had left it alone, everybody would have forgotten about it in 24 hours, but the liberal media wanted their pound of flesh.

Communists everywhere insisted this retweeted gif was an open call to start lynching lügenpresse agents on sight. They flooded wires and airwaves with hyperbole that made the Radical Agenda look like NPR. Rather than dissuading Trump’s army of shitposters however, it predictably resulted in the mass proliferation of violent anti-CNN and Pro-Trump memes, many of which were well catalogued by Mike Cernovich.

Like any prepubescent child, CNN threw a temper tantrum over the ridicule. They tracked down the original meme maker on reddit. They found out his other posts had what they described as “racist and anti-Semitic imagery”. They found out his true identity, and then they blackmailed him into removing all his prior posts and promising never to do it again. If he does, CNN says they reserve the right to publicize his true identity, and destroy his life.

If the election coverage hadn’t proven beyond a doubt that these networks are little more than propaganda factories, perhaps people will stop taking their journalism credentials seriously now that they are literally doxxing reddit users for making fun of them online. They insist that Trump’s tweet was inciting violence against journalists, but when journalists decide to go interfering with the lives of private citizens, we all know who to blame when someone gets hurt.

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  • Zorost

    Reposting this from ChrCantwell.com from a few days ago in the hopes CW sees it this time, as I can’t stand listening to any more talk on polygamy 😉
    Hopefully this ends the debate. I’m on twitter at zorost@zorost1588 for further discussion.


    Polygamy is a bad thing to encourage for a number of reasons, with few if any advantages.
    Advantages claimed:
    This may have been true up until the past couple of hundred years, but even monogamy selected for positive traits. During the Middle Ages the top 1/3 economically were responsible for about 2/3 of children. This is no longer true however. (see ‘birth rate’) In a modern society the only thing that will have a positive eugenic effect is conscious state action.

    Birth rate–
    Only 2 things control birth rate, amount of food & preferences. This is why there is no longer a eugenic effect from breeding, as food is so cheap that the only limitation on birth rate is preference. Whites have few kids, not because they can’t afford kids, but because they prefer spending time & money on other things. Polygamy will not change this. Even if preferences are changed, polygamy vs monogamy would have little or no effect on birth rate as the limiting factor is still women’s preferences. If white sharia=true this would have a similar effect on monog as polyg.

    Low population–
    You mentioned that young white females are only 2% of world population, but this isn’t an important stat. There are far more whites alive today than ever before, & whites have kept control of nations even when they were only ~10% of its population. In an ethnostate, it will be even easier to protect our borders than to maintain order in a mixed nation such as S Africa or Rhodesia.

    With limited technology and severe resource constraints due to finite nature of farmland, Amish in the US still manage to double their population every 20 years. An ethnostate with birth rate incentives & plenty of non-farm employment could decrease the doubling rate even further, easily. I’ve seen articles saying that soon men will be able to have wombs implanted so they can give birth, which means in an emergency we can use trad-wives and traps as an added means of reproduction.

    Doubling rate of nations:

    Sending young men into nearby lands doesn’t increase our birth rate, it increases the nearby lands average IQ & other white genetic advantages. It also wouldn’t be feasible assuming there were still organized nations that we’d have agreements with. White advantage does not lay in small scale warfare to find pussy to bang. The white advantage is in forming massive disciplined armies that exterminate enemies and take their land for our own use. The former would create many small mulatto states that would be threats to the original ethnostate (historical note: this is why Asia has the huge nation of China in the middle surrounded by small nations), the latter would spread the pure strain of culture and DNA.

    The # of non-whites in the world is not an important statistic. If we shut off shipments of food to 3rd world their numbers would plummet lower than pre-colonial levels due to overshoot. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2b12859a323aa8dcc9c6d71d2487b35b72b9efd24ab465941eaf1b131ca63fa2.png


    • Jeff P Kiers

      Heil Hitler. Let’s go lynch some niggers and kykes!!!

  • the stoner guy

    Non-shaven is gross. And you need to get the video feed up and not just the audio.

  • Ron White

    I’ve been involved in White Nationalism for decades now and those of us who have been in this long enough know that it’s not a money making venture, this is a cause you cannot put a price tag on. This is much more important than economic prosperity. We have had numerous people try to monetize White Nationalism and it always ends in failure and is detrimental to the cause.

  • Ron White

    I’ve been involved in White Nationalism for decades now and those of us who have been in this long enough know that it’s not a money making venture, this is a cause you have to believe in and cannot go into looking to get rich. This is much more important than economic prosperity. Hearing good White advocacy outlets being described as “goldmines” makes me cringe. We have had numerous people try to monetize White Nationalism, it always ends in disaster and is detrimental to the cause.

    • the stoner guy

      Yea, FOR NOW. Its truly going to get a point where enough White people are furious and aware and then we will be able to make bank this way. Trust me, it wont take long.

      • Jeff P Kiers

        Heil Hitler, Aryan Brother. Wanna go lynch some kikes and niggers with us this weekend??

    • Manintoga88

      I hate more propagation of the slacktivist/ radical consumer (kek) mindset through this type of rhetoric. You aren’t going to be able to buy your way into Total Aryan Victory. There will be blood and best make sure most of it is commie and kike than ours.

      • Jeff P Kiers

        Heil Hitler!! Wanna go lynch some kikes and niggers with me this weekend??