Aug 21

Radical Agenda EP344 – Canadistani Chats

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with Dan Dicks from, and Karen Straughan aka GirlWritesWhat of Honey Badger Radio. Both of these fine content producers live in Canada, where discussing subject matter like we discuss on the Radical Agenda can get you destroyed, even if you don’t show up at something the Jew media paints as a terrorist attack.

Radical Agenda EP344 - Canadistani Chats

Radical Agenda EP344 – Canadistani Chats

Due to this reality, I want to applaud their courage. Even speaking to me, puts them in a great deal of danger. The fact that they spoke so frankly, and allowed me to get my ideas across, without virtue signaling like communists, speaks volumes to their integrity.

As for me, I’m awaiting word from my attorney as to how I should proceed next. I expect to be in jail before the end of the day.


  • malebiter

    Where ya been, Chris?

  • Boe Jangles

    Google research

    What happens to the IQ when blacks with parents of low IQ become adopted by rich white parents?

    Why did Southern Italian immigrants have borderline retarded IQ when entering the US in the 30s, and now its par with regular whites?

    Why was there an IQ gap of 5-10 points between East and West, despite the two populations being genetically indistinguishable?

    Why did Jewish IQ drastically increase from before WW1 until today?

    What is the effect of spanking on IQ, and which races statistically beat their children the most?

  • Mitch Hoob

    Implying we use the same IQ tests now as we did then

  • Sandy Frank

    You should just come back here to Charlottesville and turn yourself in, why delay this with any pointless extradition process?

  • Boe Jangles

    are you questioning the validity of IQ tests? You better tread carefully, your whole world might just topple over.

  • Fatty Hazen

    Karen is incredible. She’s the kind of woman that other women used to strive to be like.