Radical Agenda EP348 – C-Ville Weekly

Welcome to the Radical Agenda – a show about common sense extremism! We talk about crazy, off-the-wall things like… hosting a podcast while you’re in jail over false accusations. Yes, this agenda is very radical, and welcome to it — this 348th episode of the show.

This episode, we have for you the FULL audio interview that Chris recently gave to Samantha Baars of C-Ville Weekly.

*We apologize for the audio quality. Interview was recorded on an iPhone*


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“In a minuscule, stagnant holding room just feet away from a barely bigger solitary confinement cell where he’s been housed since he turned himself in to police August 23, “Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell, a self-proclaimed racist and alt-right radio shock jock, says he wishes he never came to Charlottesville.

Perhaps most notable for his appearance in VICE News Tonight’s segment on the events of August 11 and 12 called “Charlottesville: Race and Terror,” Cantwell is also the host of right-wing radio show “Radical Agenda,” and was billed as a speaker for the Unite the Right rally.”