Oct 18

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 010 – Time Is On My Side

Political prisoner Christopher Cantwell is joined by Jared Howe via telephone for this tenth episode of LIVE from Seg!, recorded live on October 17th, 2017 and presented by the Radical Agenda.


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Topics discussed include:

  • Less verbose warriors
  • Time preference
  • Unite the white
  • Using the state to crush the left

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  • Mike pHuckabee

    Nobody gives a poop about crybaby Nazi chris.

    • Slovakbro

      You seem to give enough of a poop to shitpost under each podcast, Kike Cuckabee. Scared much, communist? Plenty more men like Chris, and they’re out and about. We’ll make the Nazis look like cucks by the time we’re done.

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