Dec 17

Radical Agenda S03E000 – Mic Check

I did an impromptu episode of the Radical Agenda today, which I live streamed to GabTV, just to check my audio and video. We discussed Dylan Roof’s total pwnage of some cuck, took a few calls, and even got a new number.

Radical Agenda S03E000 - Mic Check

Radical Agenda S03E000 – Mic Check

From now on, call 424-346-6294 if you want to call in on the phone. If you have trouble remembering that, it spells 424-3-GO-NAZI

Should I just embrace the Nazi thing already? I keep on trying to explain my disagreements with the Hitler administration, but the communists never listen, and my attorney says it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to sue the lying bastards.

  • Anon

    Glad to have you back live Chris

  • Pteronarcyd

    The length of the intro to a podcast is inversely proportional to the podcaster’s penis size.

  • Draco Von Wingate

    I paused a podcast of Fash the Nation to come run over here and listen to this. 😉

  • FashTheAlexander66

    When is the next podcast!? So glad he’s back!

  • Cucksmasher_14

    Decent music from the probable Arab-American briefly allied with the White cause: