Jan 12

Radical Agenda S03E013 – Shitholes

Here at the Radical Agenda, we used to think being called a racist meant we were doing something wrong. As time went by, we realized that many claims of racism were lacking in merit, but still we thought “real racism” (you know, Democrat racism) was very bad. As Jews and their gentile dupes became more aggressive however, we reluctantly came to the conclusion that there was no difference between legitimate and illegitimate cries of racism. Racism, as it turns out, is just a communist buzzword to demonize honest anthropology.

Radical Agenda S03E013 - Shitholes

Radical Agenda S03E013 – Shitholes

It is almost impossible to understand the news cycle these days without that foundation of knowledge. If you still thought racism was ignorance and irrational hatred, you would be like billions of retards who think Donald Trump is some kind of tragic mistake in American political history, which the Republic can only hope to survive another three years.

Take for example his recent comments plaguing the national news channels and late night attempts at humor. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to multiple people briefed on a recent immigration meeting. He reportedly suggested the U.S. should bring in more immigrants from countries such as Norway.

If you listen to Anderson Cooper and his ilk, you would think the President was just baselessly insulting people for the way the light bounces off their skin. To hear all of this Jewspeak, you would think all the world was a paradise, and these benevolent brown hordes were only invading America to provide us with some much needed diversity, the likes of which had previously only served to make their native lands so vibrant.

Certainly, President Archie Bunker could not possibly have a legitimate point. Suggesting that any country (besides America of course) was a shithole, could only be a cruelhearted reference to the shitskinned residents fleeing the world’s many socioeconomically depressed meccas of untapped potential.

Simultaneously, we are told that we have a moral obligation to take in these fleeing masses into our country, which the media would seem in universal agreement actually is quite the shithole of tyranny and oppression. If not for double standards, one wonders what standards these commentators might have remaining.

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  • Ash Williams

    You let that guy attack Heimbach and repeat himself too much. Should have cut him after the first threat.

    • A Wyatt Mann

      Yeah,the anti-Heimbach dude needs to settle the fuck down.We need a multi-pronged approach.Heimbach is performing a necessary function.He keeps shitlibs off-guard.

      The standard has been established that “following orders” is not an excuse and the cops in Charlottesville did fuck all for our people after being treated to a round of “Blue Lives Matter” chants.They WERE culpable in what happened to us.

      • copykat

        the aggressive caller could have just as easily been accused of being controlled opposition with his obvious violent white racist stereotypes. Also his complete dedication to the police force always no matter what. It screams stupid narrative where the police are kkk and ultimately all white people are racist. don’t lose self awareness. we are all imperfect, and take everything with a grain of salt. dude needs to calm down. Just wasn’t funny.

  • UncleA’sGasN’Suds

    Should’ve cut the plug on that guy. way sooner. Smoke a fuckin peace pipe.Dude could’ve had you de-platformed from all those threats.Matt’s a solid dude.He’s said some things i’m not completely on board with but he’s also said and done alot for our people.What’s this guy doing for our race but wanting internal strife?

  • UncleA’sGasN’Suds

    Why was this screwball so staunchly supportive of the police? i’m sorry but my experience has shown that theyre an extension of the same institutions that mean to de-platform us.Rarely have i witnessed them do much to protect us.The Sacramento rally/melee’ that Heimbach and the TWP put on i was at and it was clear their “orders” were to protect Antifa.It was a massive,bloody melee’ at the capital where several of our ppl suffered knife attacks etc..Same as C-ville it was a legal non-violent rally where Antifa showed up with full intention of using violence to shut us down and yet like “unite the right” we were accused of “sparking violence”

    • Agonistes

      Anyone who thinks only leftists have problems with cops is way out of touch.

  • Agonistes

    Cops are pigs.