Radical Agenda S03E022 – Strong Words

If you’ve been listening to the Radical Agenda awhile, you’ve probably heard the name Jordan Peterson a few times. In case you’re new to the pogrom, he’s a professor at the University of Toronto who made a name for himself by taking a really bold stance on the most important subject of our day. That’s right, non standard gender pronouns. He went on to make other outrageous statements, like suggesting that men and women might have actual biological differences between them which impact their inclinations and aptitudes.

The overton window has shifted so much, that this extremist managed to get on Fox News the other day with Tucker Carlson.

Radical Agenda S03E022 - Strong Words

Radical Agenda S03E022 – Strong Words

When asked to give the audience a piece of life advice, Peterson said “Stop saying things that make you weak.”

When asked to elaborate, Peterson said “If you pay attention to what you say, you’ll know that sometimes you feel like you’re standing on a rock, that you’re in a solid place and I suppose that you’re speaking from your heart. And other times you’re saying things just to look good, and to buttress your particular status at the time, and that makes you feel weak. You sell yourself out. And if you pay attention to what you say, you can tell when you’re making yourself stronger and you can tell when you’re making yourself weaker. Unless you want to be weaker, then I would say it’s best to say those things that make you strong.

That’s some solid advice. I don’t want to advise the audience to go out and get themselves fired from their jobs or ruin their relationships, but I can tell you folks, I feel powerful when I tell the truth in the face of adversity. Be it with a face full of pepper spray or behind the concrete and steel of communist cages, I’m hooked on the feeling of speaking truth to power. I hate it that so many of you are denied this feeling out of necessity, and my highest goal is to correct this state of affairs.

I’ve felt this way to some degree for a long time, but it has most certainly undergone some refinement over the last couple of years.

In the early stages of my shift rightward I became heavily influenced by Jordan Peterson. He damn near made a Christian out of me after I listened to an interview with him titled “Religion, Myth, Science & Truth.” I’ve got come clips that I’m going to play from that today, but for now I’ll summarize by saying that though there was no effort to convince the listener of the supernatural, he described the essence of Christianity essentially as living a truthful life with the expectation that reward will follow, though suffering may well come first. The truth buttresses you best against the vicissitudes of being.

It was the survival strategy of Western Civilization, aka the White Race. Countless men sacrificed their individual interests and died for their societies, confident they would be rewarded in the next life. Even if a supernatural afterlife for the individual is not a factual accuracy, it is still true in the sense that one’s legacy carries on with the continuity of his tribe in a way that it would most certainly not if men did not risk their lives to protect the women and children.

At the time I came across this video, some of you will recall, I was in a bit of a life crisis which involved the death of a child. Though the circumstances of this death were ultimately not within my control, I had a great deal of sorrow about this and in some ways it manifested itself as guilt.

“What did I do wrong to be punished in this way? I must be a better person, or this will happen again.”

And so, when I was facing seemingly insurmountable odds, I moved forward as though I had faith that God would protect me. Not because I actually believed this to be the case, but because I had internalized it as a strategy to avoid feelings of guilt.

This was one of a million things going through my head in the now infamous crying Nazi video. I had done everything right. I had been honest. Cautious. Brave. Sober. Even downright merciful to my enemies given the circumstances, and yet I was being punished again.

But after I regained my composure, I pushed forward still.

A lot of people were confused about the timeline of all this. They thought I had the follow up interview with Vice News where I showed them all my guns, before hearing about this warrant. In fact, that video came between the mayhem at Lee Park and the interview in the hotel room. I pulled it together, talked to Vice, and several other media outlets. Hired an attorney, and turned myself in.

From jail, much to the chagrin of my attorney, I continued to speak, knowing it had the potential to harm my case. Though I am far from out of danger, and my suffering is far from over, things are starting to look up, and I may yet see a great reward for all of my trouble.

Thank you very much Jordan Peterson, for your inspiration.

Imagine my shock then, when I saw someone ask Jordan Peterson about Jews and the Holodomor.

Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer describes what happened as follows.

On Tuesday, the 23rd of January, Jordan Peterson was confronted in New York City with a copy of the newly translated “200 Years Together” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Russian author who wrote about the Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution and the overwhelming Jewish hatred for white Christian Russians.

The audience member questioning Peterson brings up the Holodomor, a genocide of Ukrainians, and says that this was driven by Jewish hatred for white Christians.

He says that the same Jews who acted out of genocidal mania against Russians during the communist era are now running the Western media and are spewing the same type of vile hatred for the Russian people.

He then asks Peterson: “Could Jewish individuals use their positions of power to seek out revenge against placed like Europe and Russia that have a history of expelling Jews?

Peterson wavers and walks back and forth across the stage, talking about how he’ll read the book before eventually saying: “I can’t do it.”

This was the day before he went on Tucker Carlson with his advice that you “Stop saying things that make you weak.

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