Radical Agenda S03E024 – Leftist Love Letters

I’ve got my hands full today.

For one, I’m in the middle of migrating the sites to a new server, which has proven more difficult than I had imagined thanks to a series of errors and crises with volunteers.

Radical Agenda S03E024 - Leftist Love Letters

Radical Agenda S03E024 – Leftist Love Letters

Secondly, I’ve got court today. So, wish me luck with that.

Luckily, I’m not short on audio entertainment. I’ve got thousands of voicemails from the tolerant left for your listening enjoyment. In today’s episode, you’ll get a very small sample which will still manage to occupy two hours of your time, and I’ve still got more than 3800 others to go through before I even check the ones that came in while I was locked up.

From mocking my tears, to the standard issue death threat, to wishing I got raped, all the way up to open advocacy of white genocide, this episode has it all. And the SPLC thought Tanya Gersh had it bad…

I’ll be back tomorrow from 7-9am Eastern with Andrew Anglin.