Radical Agenda S03E034 – Criminal Aliens

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted raids throughout Northern California this week, nabbing more than 150 illegal immigrants in the process. Half of them had criminal records, and many had been repeatedly deported already.

Radical Agenda S03E034 - Criminal Aliens

Radical Agenda S03E034 – Criminal Aliens

Sadly, some 864 criminals ICE was seeking remain at large, thanks in large part to the mayor of Oakland. The operation gained attention after Libby Schaaf issued a dire warning to the city. Laws were about to be enforced in Oakland, a sure sign of fascism. She warned the criminal community to take measures to protect themselves against federal law enforcement, and hundreds seem to have heeded the mayor’s advice.

Why does Libby Schaaf see illegal immigrants as part of her community? As you might have guessed, it probably has something to do with the fact that she’s Jewish.

Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

Sorry for the F.

From the Washington Times;

Thomas D. Homan, the top official at ICE, said by doing that she put his officers at risk, and likely endangered her own citizens by giving some criminals a chance to escape.

“I have to believe that some of them were able to elude us thanks to the mayor’s irresponsible decision,” Mr. Homan said.

ICE said one of the people who eluded them was a Honduran arrested for transporting cocaine and for sex with a child under 16. Another Mexican had drug and firearms convictions.

Both of those migrants had been in police custody before but the authorities refused to hold them for pickup by ICE, the agency said. Both have been deported before on multiple occasions, but managed to sneak back in.

Ms. Schaaf defended her decision earlier this week by saying she had an obligation to protect the city’s residents — “particularly our most vulnerable.”

“I believe it is my duty and moral obligation as mayor to give those families fair warning,” she said.

She also warned city businesses that California law prohibited them from cooperating with ICE officers, and the law actively bars ICE from going into employee-only areas of businesses.

It is considered an anti-Semitic trope or canard to suggest that Jews lack loyalty to the countries in which they reside. Even as they openly brag “always with Israel,” we are expected to believe the interests of Israel always align with the interests of every other country Jews reside in. Even as they apply every ounce of political and economic pressure to open up national borders, we are expected to believe they are just guiding us to a more righteous existence where we will bask in the glory of diversity while becoming minorities in our own countries. Even as they go on television and instruct rapists and murderers to hide from law enforcement, set criminals loose on our streets, and condemn us as racists for enforcing federal law, we are expected to believe they are just protecting “our most vulnerable”.

It may well be anti-Semitic to say that Jews lack loyalty, but that only proves that anti-Semitism is synonymous with telling the truth. These subversive left wing degenerates side with illegal immigrants because Jews only differ from them in style and tactics. They are all hostile to the national interest and working diligently day in, and day out to destroy us.

So the next time something that should be relatively uncontroversial, like enforcing immigration law, is compared to the Third Reich, let that Jew win that part of the argument. Instead of going on the defensive, just reply matter of factly, “Okay, so what you’re saying is the Germans were perfectly reasonable? Thanks for clarifying. I’m a Nazi now!”

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