Radical Agenda S03E047 – New Leaf

I’ve recently done a lot of thinking about limits. I spent the first month or so of my recent jail stint in solitary. A small cage in which I could barely take 7 steps before having to turn around and take 7 more as I paced back and forth contemplating life. The same handful of meals rotated in semi-predictable fashion at the same times each day. The same black and white striped uniform we all had to wear every single day.

Radical Agenda S03E047 - New Leaf

Radical Agenda S03E047 – New Leaf

It was amazing how fantastic an upgrade it seemed to be moved to a cell block with other people where I could take 13 steps across the housing area. Then to be released only to find myself in a comparatively luxurious cage on house arrest, then to be allowed to travel about a single city and buy my own groceries. As each limitation was removed, my quality of, and satisfaction with life increased.

What if we could remove all limits? What if there were no financial constraints? What if there were infinite genders? What if one were free to mix and match from a¬†smorgasbord of race and culture? What if we stopped limiting sexuality by arbitrary labels of homo or hetero? What if there were no borders? What if there were no “law” enforcement?

The fascistic insistence on order and hierarchy is as limiting as the prisons it populates. It is doomed to fail because inside every individual is the spirit of revolution, the love of novelty, and the longing to explore new frontiers.

I realize now that I only fell into this way of thinking because I was oppressed myself, and found it easier to oppress others than to fight against the oppression of all. Today I understand that the only true warriors are those of the Social Justice variety, and pledge to fight all forms of domination from this day forward. From patriarchy to white supremacy, from the State to the market, right down to this rigid insistence on “objective” reality, it all must come crashing down as surely as must the concrete and steel of the prisons the white cisheteropatriarchy built to enforce their will on us.

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Join us as we turn over a new leaf on this special Sunday, April 1st episode of the Radical Agenda from 5pm Eastern until whenever we feel like stopping, because schedules are a form of oppression. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like absolute freedom.

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