Radical Agenda S03E053 – Simon Roche

Just over a year ago, we had Simon Roche on the pogrom to discuss his efforts to build an emergency plan initiative to prepare a Protestant Christian South African Minority for a coming violent revolution. Even back then, he had good reason to fear such a conflict. The leader of the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) party there has said “We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now… The rightful owners of the land are black people. No white person is a rightful owner of the land here in SA and whole of the African continent”.

Radical Agenda S03E053 - Simon Roche

Radical Agenda S03E053 – Simon Roche

Things in that part of the world have only gotten worse since. A movement to strip white landowners of their property without compensation, parading as “land reform,” is gaining steam by the day. Murders and rapes of white South Africans by blacks is becoming normalized. Things have gotten so bad that Australia considered granting priority refugee status to white South Africans, but that was predictably called racist. Some persecuted minorities are more minor than others, it seems.

So Simon got to work raising money for his cause. He traveled around the United States and spoke to people like me, Jared Taylor, Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, and others. Some of you probably gave him money.

Some people think that probably wasn’t such a great idea.

Simon contacted me to say that his reputation was under assault, and asked if I’d provide him with a platform to clear the air. Having been the target of liars myself a few times, I sympathized with his plight, and invited him to join us for this Friday’s show.

When I announced that he would be on the show via Gab.ai, an alarming number of you alerted me to suspicions of his motives, character, and even his ethnicity.

Is Simon a Jew? Has Suidlanders been ripping off donors? Are his dealings legal? Is this money helping white South Africans, or just fueling his lifestyle?

I honestly do not know the answers to these questions. Documents full of allegations were provided to me by Simon’s detractors, but I lack the time and resources to research them. So we’re going to do exactly what the Radical Agenda exists to do, talk about it.

FreeStartr Fundraising Campaign for Suidlanders

Suidlanders Website

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Simon will take your calls at 740-I-AM-1488 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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