Radical Agenda S03E056 – Birthday Party

I can remember just six short years ago when 4/20 rolled around and the big event was to go smoke marijuana on the steps of the New Hampshire State House. I wasn’t even into smoking pot, but all my Free Stater friends were, and I still thought ending the war on drugs to be a high political priority. Pun intended.

Radical Agenda S03E056 - Birthday Party

Radical Agenda S03E056 – Birthday Party

April 20th is no longer about sticky green or civil disobedience for me. I’ve developed a new appreciation for authority, and contempt for vice. Today I instead reflect on the most reviled and misunderstood man in the history of mankind, Adolf Hitler.

To hear most people tell it, Adolf Hitler was some maniac who got into power by mistake. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, decided to start killing Jews for no reason whatsoever, and before he was even done with that he decided to take over the world by force.

If you listen to conservative talk radio, you won’t hear the hosts say many positive things about Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s domestic agenda. The New Deal is near universally despised by conservatives as unconstitutional and un-American. To hear them tell it however, FDR had an excellent foreign policy. Teaming up with the Soviet Union and handing Europe over to the communists was an eminently reasonable alliance, given the evils of National Socialism.

Even after getting concerned about immigration, and woke to the Jewish Question, the Hitler thing still felt so dirty to me. For better or worse, the name and the iconography had been so thoroughly tainted in the culture as to render their invocation toxic. Besides, I genuinely did, and still do, tend to favor a free market oriented perspective on economic questions. I was, and still am, genuinely skeptical of State authority.

But having been stuck with the Nazi branding against my will after Charlottesville, and finally bothering to read the man’s book while in jail, I got more comfortable with it all. Besides, if you want to do an edgy radio show, it doesn’t get much edgier than Nazism. So rather than try to draw distinctions and distance myself from the man, I tried to learn from him.

Here is my interpretation of what I have learned.

The State is not some retarded superstition or outdated relic of barbarism, as some libertarians and other deconstructionists would have us believe. Human beings are not mere individuals.

Race and Nation are real, and the State is what keeps it all together. For my Hoppean friends, you can think of this as the proprietors of a “covenant community” but the purpose is still the same. It is a eugenics program, and if it is not thought of as such, then it simply becomes a poorly run eugenics program with catastrophic outcomes.

It is the responsibility of good rulers to discourage degeneracy, to repel invasion, and to promote the advancement of positive traits. Failure to do any of those things is success in doing the opposite.

The Jew is the mortal enemy of the White race. He pretends to be one of us, and poisons the information pool like a brain parasite, rendering the healthy functioning of the society impossible. He attempts to place himself in the most influential areas of the society. The media, the banking system, and the State. Using these mechanisms of control, he celebrates degeneracy, welcomes invasion, and punishes the advancement of positive traits.

The upper classes are not nearly as impacted by all of this as the lower classes. That disparity of impact drives a wedge between them, and labor and capital become hostile toward one another. The lower classes rightly become enraged and prone to violence as they see their future prospects – which were not spectacular to begin with – rapidly diminishing, even while the upper classes become fabulously wealthy.

The Jew in turn uses this discontentment to foment revolution. He turns the working class against the elites of the society with disingenuous promises of equality. Once the elites are overthrown however, he simply installs himself as the ruler and extracts what he can from the working class with the sort of ruthlessness seen in the Soviet Union.

Thus, to suggest that one can fix the problems of the society without taking the concerns of the working class with the utmost seriousness is absurd. They must be properly led, and elevated, and turned against the hostile foreign elements fomenting the division.

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