Radical Agenda S03E058 – Saints and Sinners

I have court tomorrow. There will be a hearing on a meritless motion to revoke my bond and send me back to jail. This episode may well be the conclusion of Radical Agenda Stage 3.

Radical Agenda S03E058 - Saints and Sinners

Radical Agenda S03E058 – Saints and Sinners

So I hope you’ll understand that I cannot wait until Friday to take a shot at the optics cucks. You might recall us talking about Ricky Vaughn’s short lived production “The Ricky Vaughncast” (Episode 5) in which Ricky interviewed “Pleasureman” from My Posting Career. In that episode, Ricky and Pleasureman discussed “Problems with White Identity” comparing it to radical Islam and transgenderism.

After concluding that white identity was illegitimate and invariably led to violent extremism, Pleasureman explained that My Posting Career was dedicated to “incel” (Involuntarily Celibate) culture.

Understandably, most people don’t pay much mind to the incels. They have given up on competing for sexual access to desirable women, and so people like us need not concern ourselves with them for the most part. However, if anybody thought identifying with one’s race was problematic, having one’s identity and culture defined by a lack of human affection and reproductive potential is the ultimate recipe for disaster.

Chris Harper Mercer, Elliot Rodger, Nikolas Cruz, mass murderers all, none of whom were white I should point out, all identified as incels. Sexual rejection wasn’t just something they experienced, it was something they became identified by.

Now, Alek Minassian is being hailed as a “new saint” by incels the world over after driving a Ryder van onto a crowded sidewalk killing ten people, most of whom were women. Prior to the attack he allegedly posted to Facebook “Private (Recruit) Minassian Infantry 00010, wishing to speak to Sgt 4chan please. C23249161. The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”

Minassian had also allegedly posted violent threats to incels.me prior.

Now of course, lacking a gun to blame, the Left has gone off about “toxic masculinity” and stretching the definition of whiteness to blame the deaths on the political Right. I feel obligated to remind them, that they are solely to blame for this and so much other carnage.

These men did not find themselves incapable of finding women because they were hypermasculine violent monsters. If they were such macho beasts, they would surely have quite the opposite problem. They, like so many others, accepted the inherently leftist notion that competition was a sin, that masculinity ought to be eradicated, that every sexual advance is the equivalent of sexual assault, and that society owed the lowest scum the highest of accolades. When their adoption of leftist values predictably left them without any hope of satisfaction, they did what all leftists do, and lashed out violently at the targets of their envy.

In what White identitarian circle is this type of failure encouraged? None. We encourage men to improve themselves and rise above such Jewish lies. To be industrious, to exercise and shed their vices and be in top physical and mental form. We say to men that they should EARN the affections of not just any woman, but the BEST women, WHITE women. And once that affection is earned, we encourage them to keep it FOREVER. To cherish and grow it and bring White children into the world and to secure the future for their existence.

It is the hopelessness, nihilism, and degeneracy of the Left that breeds suicidal lowlives and senseless mayhem on the streets. No amount of blame shifting, wealth redistribution, or gun control is ever going to change that fact.

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