Radical Agenda S03E059 – Warpath

I’m feeling very good today. Successful. Dominant even.

A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders after soundly defeating a motion to revoke my bond out of Albemarle County. It was more than a victory for me, it was an embarrassment for my rivals. Robert Tracii dragged every distraction and lie he could find into that courtroom, and the judge saw right through it, setting the stage for later proceedings when a healthy degree of skepticism will be needed to see through the lies this case is based on.

Radical Agenda S03E059 - Warpath

Radical Agenda S03E059 – Warpath

The Fake News paid little attention to the facts, reporting that I was on my way to jail. Rumors of my incarceration were greatly exaggerated, as you can clearly see. I was ordered held until an alcohol monitoring bracelet could be affixed to my ankle, which happened before the end of the proceedings. I love proving these Jews wrong and exposing their laziness, incompetence, and dishonesty.

Then I came home and saw that Jean-Francois Gariépy had quit Warski Live after critiquing Warski’s slander of me. The consensus among viewers seems to be that JF was the brains of that operation, and the evidence strongly suggests that he is firmly in the camp of Team Integrity with your humble correspondent.

And that’s just what I’m comfortable speaking publicly about. Behind the scenes far more is happening.

While so many people are talking up the end of the Alt Right, I’m watching my foes topple before me like dominoes, and allies are lining up behind me. Lines are being drawn, factions are forming, and I am feeling very good about those whom I find myself aligned with.

The upheaval that followed Unite the Right is proving to be a very positive thing for our Race and Nation. Ricky Vaughn set out to divide the movement between effective people and “dumb losers,” and it would appear he was successful, even if not in the way he had expected. We are separating the wheat from chaff. The dumb losers have followed the liars into nihilism and deception, while the effective people are slowly but surely navigating the treacherous path to total victory.

Our salvation will come by way of bravery, patience, and integrity, or it will not come. Cowardice, expediency, and deceit are tools of the Jew, which White men lack the talent and necessity for wielding. Our rivals are many and powerful, yet they tremble at our approach because the sheer righteousness of our people and our cause stirs within them a primal fear borne out of older times.

Times when the White man dominated the Earth, without apology.

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