Radical Agenda S03E062 – Funeral

Here at the Radical Agenda, we try not to pick on our fellow Republicans. Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment seems eminently reasonable considering that the midterms are fast approaching after all, and however bad the GOP might seem at times we can always be certain the Democrats are going to be worse.

Radical Agenda S03E062 - Funeral

Radical Agenda S03E062 – Funeral

I used to think this was due to ideological differences. I’m not saying those don’t exist or that they don’t matter, but when I realized that Jews were half of all Democrat campaign donations and a quarter of all Republican donations, things started to make more sense.

Mind you, Jews are less than 3% of the US population. Perhaps the chant of Occupy Wall Street should have been “We are the 97%!”

Of the 25% of Republican financing that came from Jews, I’d be shocked to find any less than half of it went to John McCain.

In case you don’t keep up with who the players are, John McCain is the so-called Republican who gets paraded around the leftist news channels to tell you how bad the Republican Party is. Whenever someone wants to make a leftist policy seem bipartisan, they bring up John McCain or Lindsey Graham. They pretend to be “moderates” on everything except foreign policy, on which they are exceedingly hawkish on all matters the Jewish State commands of them.

Thankfully, John has a brain tumor. So cancer will do for America what the voters of Arizona have consistently failed to do since 1983. If this is what it takes to get rid of John McCain, then I suggest we start a new type of cancer charity. One that actually supports cancer.

Even as he marches towards the gates of Hell, cancer boy remains obstinate in his seething hatred for the true Right. People close to McCain have told the White House that the tumor improved Arizona Republican does not want President Donald Trump to attend his funeral. In contrast, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are warmly invited, illustrating the obviousness of what the Alt Right has been saying all along. These people are all on the same team, and to the extent that anybody in Washington represents any meaningful challenge to the status quo, it is Donald Trump.

That is a rather sorry state of affairs, given that our military is still carrying out Israeli foreign policy, Obamacare remains the law of the land, and illegal immigrants still feel comfortable bragging about their lawbreaking on prime time cable news shows. But then, any right winger who thought one popularity contest was going to solve his problems, probably deserved this harsh wakeup call anyway.

We wish John McCain the best on his way out. I think he’s going to like it in Hell. If he loves war so much, he’ll enjoy the eternal fire, and of course hell has even lower barriers to entry than the United States, so the ethnic and religious diversity is sure to meet or exceed this warmongering neocon hack’s Jewish standard of virtue.

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