Radical Agenda S03E066 – Cycle of Rage

Zoe Williams, who you might be shocked to find out is Jewish, has a piece in the Guardian today about a “50-year rage cycle” which she concludes is responsible for political and social hostilities plaguing human society as of late. She gives some examples of vitriol in person and online which she concludes are quite frivolous. She admits that she delights in the rage against her political foes. She submits that Donald Trump is an aberration of “elite overproduction” and says that he and Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary, are “venting unmediated fury for political effect” and that this is “denaturing” and “gates off all other, less exhilarating responses, such as empathy.”

Radical Agenda S03E066 - Cycle of Rage

Radical Agenda S03E066 – Cycle of Rage

She is of course careful to note that “Cycles of violence are not always unproductive – they take in civil rights, union and suffragette movements. Indeed, all social movements of consequence start with unrest, whether in the form of strike action, protest or riot.”

As you may have gathered, the thrust of the piece is that Leftist (((Jewish))) rage and violence is always positive, and that whenever the Right catches on and begins to play by the same rules, it is senseless brutality and madness.

It seems lost on Zoe, that when people become upset about the way things are going, and the opinion makers dismiss their frustrations as pathological, hostilities are bound to grow. The 50 year cycle Zoe pontificates about is pondered as some kind of strange quirk without explanation. She never takes into consideration that 50 years of abuse might be about the most Gentiles are willing to tolerate from their self appointed Jewish overlords.

Rather than listen to the complaints being lodged and adjust their behavior accordingly, Zoe, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and all the Jewish and Jewish financed media, financial, and government parasites seek only to silence the complainants. They call it “hate speech” and convict a comedian of teaching his dog a trick, they throw an 89 year old German woman in prison for two years as if that would calm the tensions. When the citizenry gets upset, they are branded “far right extremists”.

Twitter has recently started hiding “bad tweets” in order “to take the burden of the work off the people receiving the abuse or harassment”.

You might be asking, how they determine if a Tweet is “good” or “bad” and of course the simple answer would anything that does not further a Leftist agenda. To cover up the intent, they are making it algorithmic and using signals like the “number of accounts created by the person tweeting, the IP address, and whether the tweet had led people to block the person tweeting it.”

In other words, if the worlds most vocal (((complainers))) are flagging your Tweets, you’ll be silenced on the platform. This of course follows on the heels of a purging of conservative voices from the platform under the guise of banning “Russian bots” which itself followed an expose by Project Veritas of Twitter engineers trying to “ban a way of speaking” which included references to “Trump, or America” and “like five thousand keywords to describe a redneck”.

When we form our own platforms to get out of the Jewish echo chamber, our domains are seized. We are cut off from the financial system. We are framed for crimes, smeared in the media, and frivolously sued in civil court. Every peaceful method we have of expressing our opinions and living our lives as we see fit is taken from us by force and deception, and after we go through that for about 50 years, yeah, I imagine people get pretty fucking pissed off.

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