Radical Agenda S03E070 – Raped By Truth

Those of you who have been with the Radical Agenda for a long time will remember that I have had some strong opinions about law enforcement which were not always favorable. When I wasn’t recording them in the street hoping to catch one in a screwup, I was writing what amounted to war propaganda against them, under the misguided notion that if we could get them to stop showing up for work, the market would pick up the slack.

That said, even then I knew to be skeptical of the race baiters. If Black Lives Matter, then it would seem prudent for black folks to stop resisting arrest, or more importantly, putting themselves in situations that warranted arrest in the first place. Everybody knows there is a crime problem that seems to follow blacks wherever they congregate, and anyone who denies this is a liar.

So when George Zimmerman did Trayvon Martin and the human race a huge favor back in 2012, I was shocked to see so many libertarians trying to make this routine trash removal into some kind of hate crime. Similarly with Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and way too many other dirtbags for me to remember all their worthless names.

As time went forward, I was less shocked. It all came into focus. These people were not misguided in their efforts to hold police accountable, they were actively trying to undermine the sort of ordered liberty characteristic of Western Civilization, because they view this as “white supremacy”. To them, laws against theft and assault, are hostile to black people because this is their natural pattern of behavior. Market exchange, units of account, objective reality, and compelling people by law to live civilized lives, are uniquely White concepts which to them are tantamount to slavery.

Upon this realization, I had no choice but to become a fascist. The world makes more sense now, and I could not be more grateful.

I also laugh a lot more. I used to get outraged every time I heard about some incident of “police brutality” and tried to be the first and loudest to condemn any such act. Today I just try to find out the race of the alleged victim, and sit tight waiting for the truth to be exposed.

Radical Agenda S03E070 - Raped By Truth

Radical Agenda S03E070 – Raped By Truth

Yesterday brought a fine piece of comedy across my email inbox from Blue Lives Matter, an excellent publication no racist should be without (sign up for their email alerts here).

Sherita Dixon Cole is a “human resources professional”. You know the type, some nigger whore who makes her living by calling white people racists, and screwing them out of jobs so they can be replaced by incompetent chimps who will do little more than fill diversity quotas. She decided to pop open a bottle of wine and hit the road for a bit, before getting pulled over for a traffic violation by a Texas DPS trooper in Ellis County.

From here, two different stories emerge. One from the trooper, and one from the subhuman resources depleter as told by Talcum X, also known as Black Lives Matter agitator Shaun King. Care to guess which one is true?

According the albino communist, Sherita passed the field sobriety tests, but the officer arrested her anyway just because he did not like her attitude. The trooper then offers Miss Cole a get out of jail free card in exchange for some of that “sweet pussy”, but she was way too chaste and virtuous to go along with his demands.

Then the boyfriend shows up, having been called by the corporate parasite at the outset of the stop. The officer asks his captive if he is armed, and she says no, to which he replies “If you tell him what happened he will be armed and his fire arm will be visible when I have to shoot him.”

Fearing for the safety of her knight in shining armor, Sherita says nothing to him about the sexual coercion when the officer permitted them to speak to one another. She is taken into custody and driven to the jail, but not before stopping in a parking lot for some alone time. From here, King Wigger tells a borderline pornographic sexual assault story fit for the pages of Efukt.com.

There is just one problem with this story. The video from the Trooper’s body and dash cams are far less titillating. There was no sexual contact, or conversation, much less coercion. There was no stop off in a parking lot. The entire thing was completely made up, and Miss Cole was simply charged with drunk driving and made to sleep it off like any other asshole with a bottle of wine next to her steering wheel.

Shaun King and Miss Cole’s attorney both retracted their inflammatory statements on the matter. Miss Cole has not said anything publicly herself.

But of course, that was never the point. This story of an innocent black woman framed for drunk driving and raped by a white cop is the only message heard by #BlackTwitter. For the Left, truth is not the point. They love the short attention spans of low agency negroes who will forget all about the retractions before they take their next hit of crack. The goal is to stir up racial tension between whites and blacks, so the Jews can comfortably continue collecting interest on our federal reserve notes while we are busy fending off the violence of their pet monkeys.

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