Radical Agenda S03E073 – My Fellow Republicans

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “Keep on calling everybody a Nazi, and eventually, you’ll be right!”

Thanks to Google, members of the second largest political party in the country’s most populous state are in fact Nazis. Or were, anyway, until Vice (((News))) contacted them and they changed their mind. On Thursday morning, if one Googled “California Republican Party” a “Knowledge Pane” would appear showing the ideology of the California GOP as  “Nazism” alongside other “ideologies” of California Republicans like “Conservatism,” “Market liberalism,” “Fiscal conservatism,” and “Green conservatism.”

Radical Agenda S03E073 - My Fellow Republicans

Radical Agenda S03E073 – My Fellow Republicans

The news comes just before the upcoming primary election, in which open counter-Semite Patrick Little will face off against Jewish dual citizen Dianne Feinstein, and several others. California has a “top two” primary system, in which the top two vote getters will move onto the general election, regardless of party affiliation.

Like all decent men, Patrick is a Republican, despite the best efforts of party management who would love to pretend otherwise.

The party is none too pleased with the search result. They say it was an obvious effort by the notoriously left wing Silicon Valley corporation to interfere in the election, and I doubt many sane people would see it otherwise. Clearly, being labeled a Nazi is about the worst thing that can happen to one trying to win a popularity contest, in a country where media and finance is completely dominated by Jews.

Sadly, our fellow Republicans in California are missing a spectacular opportunity to turn the tables on these kikes. California is hardly known for its hospitality toward the extreme right. If California Republicans are Nazis, then Nazis must be downright moderate folks. To be a Republican in California, one must be prepared to cuck, and to lose anyway. The third largest US state is all but owned by illegal immigrants, and middle class families are literally fleeing for their lives as crime, drugs, and taxes chase out all but the lowest of the low and the highest of the high.

Nazism is exactly what California needs right about now, and whatever is left of the White population there would be well served to understand what that actually means. If the California GOP said “Fine, we’re Nazis now. Read the book of our founder.” I doubt they would lose a single voter, and their political opponents would finally have something to worry about.

Instead, they are allowing a foreigner to represent them in the United States Senate, to turn our country over to ever more foreigners, to weaken us economically and to deprive the citizenry of what remains of their right to defend themselves.

And where has this cuckoldry gotten the Republican Party of California? Has shying from the label of racist brought them electoral victory? Has it reduced taxes? Has it stemmed the tide of illegal immigration? Has it reduced violence? Has it gotten people off of drugs?

Of course not, and no reasonable person could expect it to.

Racism is the ideology of the present and the future. Anti-racism is a myth of a time long passed. The old “Democrats are the real racists” (DR3) meme is true. The Left is waging a race war, and California is their Hiroshima. The only difference is that the cleanup of rubble and atomic fallout will look like a janitor’s lunch break, compared to the task of cleaning up the unchecked flood of criminal aliens who are driving up the electoral votes of this communist hellhole.

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Intro Song: It’s Okay To Be White by Bryn Dolman

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