Radical Agenda S03E075 – Gayceleration

Here at the Radical Agenda, we have this terrible habit of focusing on all the worst things going on in the world. This makes my job a lot easier than it would be if I was trying to find good news, because in these late stages of Jewish degeneracy, bad news is as plentiful as AIDS in Africa.

It seems like an eternity has gone by since I felt enthusiastic about the Trump presidency. With the foreign policy disasters, frequent backpedaling, lack of action on immigration, and inability to do so much as keep trannies out of the military, I have since resolved to be satisfied with his performance only insofar as it has kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

I couldn’t even get excited about tax and regulatory cuts, which I used to think were top tier issues. The cultural and genetic legacy of the country is declining far faster than the stock market is climbing, and you can bet all this stock market horseshit is going to come to cataclysm no later than we feel the full impact of the demographic crisis.

Things have gotten so bad, that I literally have to go to the fags to find good news.

Radical Agenda S03E075 - Gayceleration

Radical Agenda S03E075 – Gayceleration

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) announced today that for the first time, their 2018 “Accelerating Acceptance” report found a decrease in acceptance of LGBTQ people. Acceptance of homosexuality has been on a perpetual increase for as long as these Jews have been keeping track of it, so why the sudden decline?

GLADD declines to speculate in the article I read, but you can bet as the broader Jewish media gloms onto the story they’ll find a way to blame Donald Trump and White supremacy, and perhaps they’ll even find a way to work gun control and capitalism into their narrative, depending on how many Xanax pills they’ve had by press time.

I have a different theory however, and it isn’t one I came up with recently. I’ve been saying this to gay friends for years. It’s the T, stupid. Most of us got on board with the LGB thing a long time ago. If guys don’t want to have sex with women, that means more women for me, and if women are attracted to one another, most honest men will say this gives them some sexual arousal.

Americans were more than willing, in the spirit of individual freedom, to leave consenting adults to their own devices with regard to sex. Between the Left actually pushing homosexuality as an ideal, and the Right generally favoring smaller government, America became a faggot paradise in comparison to the rest of the world.

But as Nick Land so aptly put it in The Dark Enlightenment;

The spontaneous tolerance that characterized classical liberalism, rooted in a modest set of strictly negative rights that restricted the domain of politics, or government intolerance, surrenders during the democratic surge-tide to a positive right to be tolerated

And while gays themselves have been a serious nuisance with their pride parades, reliable Democrat votes, constant bitching about discrimination, and generally shitty behavior, they were near universally tolerated without any government compulsion. Americans had long ago abandoned their sexual mores altogether thanks to feminism, and if not for the animal rights maniacs they would probably have legalized bestiality by now.

The Obergefell decision certainly raised some eyebrows, but I imagine people would have gotten over it, had it not been for the immediate rush to compulsory transgender acceptance. That was the line where people realized this was a diabolical plot to destroy the country, and pushing the shit on children really helped drive home the point.

Now, I know some of you are listening to this and getting frustrated. I’ve heard the feedback from listeners who say I’m harping on the transgender thing too frequently, and some of you think that has something to do with my legal entanglements. Now I’m not going to say my view of the world hasn’t been influenced by all that, but premium members can go through the archives and see that I’ve been talking about this issue since I was still writing at A Voice for Men.

The transgender issue is a losing battle for the Left, and if the Republican Party wants to win these midterms, they should make it the number one issue of their campaigns. Nobody likes trannies. Not niggers, not spics, not Muslims, not feminists, not even White gay men or religious Jews. But the ideological echo chamber of the Leftist elite has left them completely detached from the pulse of the country and they seriously think they can bully Republicans over it.

Moreover, transgenderism exposes people to biological reality in a way that instantly destroys all the horseshit they have been told about race and gender. If Rachel Dolezal cannot be transracial, then how can someone else be transgender? Oh that’s right! These things are biological realities, and anyone who says either is a mere social construct is kidding themselves. The differences between the genders are staggeringly obvious to anyone who has ever been in a heterosexual relationship, but racial differences might not be as obvious to people who have not suffered under the regime of diversity. In that context, transracialism makes far more sense than transgenderism, but Rachel Dolezal is crucified while Bruce Jenner is put on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Trannies, by their mere disgusting presence, are destroying gay acceptance in America, and the second anyone figures out that the Jews are behind this insanity, their ideological clock is sure to strike 14:87.

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