Radical Agenda S03E079 – Cuckupine

I used to think libertarianism was going to save the world. Having been introduced to the ideas by Michael Badnarik, there was a certain militancy to what I had learned, and an appreciation for some very American traditions. When I got introduced to Murray Rothbard, a deeper and more universal understanding of the philosophy gripped me. I began to think more of economics than morals or laws. It was all such a thrilling intellectual pursuit.

I ultimately ended up moving to New Hampshire – leaving my friends, family, pets and career behind – to pursue a life free from arbitrary government restrictions. I became a full time activist. I filmed police, testified before the legislature, attended meetings and social gatherings, and became a professional media producer.

Radical Agenda S03E079 - Cuckupine

Radical Agenda S03E079 – Cuckupine

Then I found out that not everybody is really very well cut out for freedom. Some people, most of them, actually, are just plain born to be subordinate. For those people, if you give them “freedom” they will just become directionless dupes for cunning manipulators with hooked noses.

This is precisely what happened to the Free State Project and the libertarian movement more broadly. It went from a coherent right of center philosophy of property rights, to a cleverly disguised strategy for a communist takeover of the United States. It went from “do not intrude upon the person and property of gay people” to “transgenderism is something to be celebrated”. It went from ending the welfare State, to overburdening it. It went from an absolute right to forcible defense of person and property, or non-aggression – to a suicidal pacifism, or non-violence.

June used to be the highlight of my year, as I anxiously awaited the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire, aka PorcFest. The Porcupine was an important mascot for the libertarians there, as these critters are heavily armed yet only act violently in self defense. It was an apt metaphor to the “get off my property” crowd, who absolutely embraced the concepts of territory and the forcible defense thereof.

Sadly, today’s so-called libertarians are anything but porcupines. In fact, I cannot think of any animal mascot for them, because I do not know of a single creature besides a left libertarian who would invite invasion and the death of his species, as they do.

This year’s PorcFest schedule begins with a talk called “Libertarian Feminism”. Later in the day, Will Coley of “Muslims for Liberty” will give a talk about the dangers of immigration enforcement, before going on to his live recording of his “Call To Freedom” podcast with his co-host “The Anarchist Shemale“.

The next day, Varrin Swearingen, former President of the Free State Project will give a talk titled “Why Do You Hate Jesus?” before going on to represent Christians at the Faith and Freedom Panel with Will Coley of Muslims for Liberty and Mikey Leviss of Jewish Libertarians.

Between those two events, Jeffrey Singer, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, will give a talk titled The Opioid “Crisis”, with the implication that opiate addiction would not be a big deal if only drugs were legalized.

Stephanie Murphy will then host a live recording of “Sex and Science”.

Tim Brochu then gives a talk titled “Public Space” – The Missing Link Between Freedom and Property, in which he purports to refute Hans Hoppe’s view that commons are little more than government programs. According to Brochu, this warped perspective can lead to “strange conclusions like justifying immigration controls, cultural supremacy, and the initiation of force under the guise of “libertarian” property rights theory.”

Later, Jack Shimek of AltExpo will give a talk titled Agorism & New Libertarianism, which is anything but new, I might add. The terminology stems from Samuel Konkin’s The New Libertarian Manifesto originally published in 1983. Jack will tell his unwitting dupes about the marvels of tax evasion, and how it will ultimately lead to fabulous wealth and freedom.

Friday night, you can ring in the Shabbat with Mikey Leviss of Jewish Libertarians, and then blow off some steam at the Club Libertine party.

Closing out the festivities on Saturday, Jeffrey Tucker will tell the audience that “Despite Appearances, We’re Going to Win” and then, well, first I should tell you a joke.

What do you call a black guy at a libertarian conference? The Key Note Speaker.

Eric July confirms our punchline.

This is not to say the event has not improved with time. Prior years included the “Big Gay Dance Party” and the “Polyamory Panel” which seem to have since been scrapped. Soap Box Idol, a ranting competition that was briefly eliminated after my expulsion, has returned.

Sadly however, it is too little too late to save the patient. Libertarians have abandoned reality and the foundations of a once great philosophy. In its stead they have filled their events with celebrations of drugs, homosexuality, and multicultural, open borders, societal suicide. It seems completely lost on them that it is specifically the white, conservative, Christian population of New Hampshire which made the state a premiere destination for those who sought to escape the yolk of oppressive regimes.

Not only will this frenzied celebration of “diversity” fail to bring the Free Staters their stateless Utopia, it will deprive native New Hampshire residents of the preconditions for a free society, and leave them in a rather awkward predicament with their oft repeated motto;

Live Free, Or Die?

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