Radical Agenda S03E082 – Effective Extremism

Glenn Beck’s multimedia operation, TheBlaze, just underwent another round of layoffs after several such rounds have already dramatically decreased the footprint of the network Beck started after leaving Fox News in 2011. Jeff Flake and Paul Ryan are retiring from politics. George Will is encouraging Republicans to vote Democrat.

It would seem that every Republican who goes against Trump either gets out of the fight or is compelled to openly admit they’re with the other team.

Trump himself learned the hard way about punching right in the wake of Charlottesville. He fired Steve Bannon, threw the Alt Right under the bus, and shockingly enough the communists continued to call him a racist.

Radical Agenda S03E082 - Effective Extremism

Radical Agenda S03E082 – Effective Extremism

Compare this to the other side, where a complete nutcase like Maxine Waters is actually taken seriously. Antifa terrorists riot in the streets, violently shut down government offices, chase Presidential cabinet members out of restaurants and make hell in front of their homes. The ACLU has dropped all pretenses about civil liberties and openly declared their dedication to communist notions of equality.

Both sides are getting more extreme, but the Left is decidedly more extreme than the Right. Yet the Democrat party has sacrificed the lead they had going into the midterms. A headline at the New York Times reads “Bernie Sanders Is Winning Converts. But Primary Victories Remain Elusive“.

At first glance, this would seem to feed the long sacred notion that governing from the center is the key to political victory. One could also draw the conclusion that the more extreme the opponent, the closer your side appears to the center. If Left wing extremism is driving their Overton Window to communism and race war, deporting illegal immigrants seems quite moderately right wing by comparison.

The flaw here is that it assumes a certain equality between each extreme. The vast majority of Americans had accepted the basic premises of Leftist ideology. Nobody seemed to question whether or not “inequality” was a good or a bad thing. Everyone just accepted inequality as fundamentally unconstitutional, without any evidence to support that premise. Yet, once the full scope of leftist aims became obvious, once the extremists were let off the leash to do their signature violence and attack reason itself, it was rejected, even by Democrats. Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton, and Kieth Ellison lost to Tom Perez. Trump became president by winning states which were assumed to be permanent Democrat strongholds.

Yet if the key to victory was centrism, then Jeb Bush would be the topic of all presidential chatter these days, and Twitter would likely be out of business. If Right wing extremism were harmful to Right wing political success, the ADL, SPLC, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other forces of the Jew would not aim to stamp it out of existence. If, as we were led to believe, the Alt Right was so toxic to the success of the Republican party, then Radical Agenda would top the charts of iTunes, and the Daily Stormer would be prominently featured in Google News.

It seems as though Barry Goldwater may have been onto something when he said;

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.


I came to this realization long ago, however unrefined it may have been at the time. Hence the catch phrase “Common Sense Extremism” which describes the content of the Radical Agenda.

If one’s aims are the destruction of all that is decent and holy, as is the case with the Left, then doing so slowly, as has been the progressive mantra from the outset, is absolutely vital. On the other hand, when one’s aim is the preservation of civilization itself, the cultivation of virtue, the advancement of merit, and the destruction of all that threaten these things, then moderation serves only to prevent worthwhile goals from being accomplished.

Thusly we ought to celebrate leftist incivility, violence, and criminality, for it is this honest depiction of their true nature which cures the political cataracts of the electorate. Every “Nazi” they punch has the scales forcibly removed from his eyes and he can then clearly see “OBEY” subliminally written in the advertising billboard. Every parent whose daughter is forced to share a toilet with a man at school is compelled to question the underlying notions of gender equality they once held so dear.

Likewise my favorite catchphrase of “Keep on calling everybody a Nazi, and eventually, you’ll be right” is confirmed daily. As more and more Americans are called Nazis and condemned as moral outcasts by gender freaks and professional lowlives, for eminently reasonable requests like protecting the country from invasion and suppression of communist riots, a once blurry world comes into perfect focus for a growing majority of Americans. They no longer have the option to dislike “both sides” and long for a return to the glorious center. Our rivals compel them to choose between the destruction and preservation of their society and the values it holds dear.

Increasingly people are choosing preservation, and the unshakable faith the Left once held democracy wanes. Their moderation withers with their popularity and their once thinly veiled threats of violence and revolution are veiled no more. So I call upon all the men listening to the sound of my voice to prepare themselves over the next five months like they have never prepared themselves before. Soon it will be the Right who unleashes the extremist elements, and us who will be cheered by the public for once unthinkable acts of savagery.

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