Radical Agenda S03E085 – Nazi Time

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve long marketed ourselves as a fictional entertainment pogrom. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter discussed, we’re upfront about the fact that we are not “news” and reserve the right to cover stories in a dramatic, humorous, and biased fashion. As a live, uncensored, and mostly unscripted one man production, we often do not have time to fully research a story or vet the information being aired, and so we tell you the listener to interpret as fiction, anything you are not able to verify in a more reliable fashion.

This would not be worthy of much discussion in and of itself. The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, and any number of other leftist productions have much the same content model. I only bring this up to point out a rather serious problem, which is that the Radical Agenda, though marketed as fictional entertainment, has higher journalistic standards than the vast majority of self styled “legitimate” news outlets.

When your humble correspondent says something he knows to be ridiculous he’ll often chuckle at this own joke. When something is soaked in vitriol, it is conveyed by the tone and entirely too frequently laced with profanity, quickly followed by apologies for the F’s.

Not so for the Jewspapers and Leftist TV talking heads. To them, the truth is whatever they say it is. To contradict them is to lie by definition. There is no other side of the story, because they see themselves as the arbiters of both fact and legitimate opinion.

88 pages of complaints against a perjurer are proof not of the perjurer’s wrongdoing, but of a secret Nazi agenda to harass vulnerable demographics. When video contradicts sworn testimony and charges are dropped as a result, the only newsworthy story to them is calling the defense attorney a racist. When people break the law with children in tow and this predictably results in tears, the violent criminal actions of anarchists are not riots, but protests. When some nutcase gets fed up with their shit and murders five of their colleagues, they blame the President of the United States.

Poll, after poll, after poll, shows public trust in the media is in absolute freefall, and for good reason. A 2016 poll found that only 8% of Americans trust the financial system. If you said “Jews” instead of media and finance, you would accomplish precisely the same thing, and bring matters into much better focus. You would also be branded a Nazi, and if you bothered to research the topic, you would in all likelihood actually become one.

Radical Agenda S03E085 - Nazi Time

Radical Agenda S03E085 – Nazi Time

I find it intensely amusing, if a bit scary, to watch countless people panic on the Internet that Nazism is making a comeback in the United States. “Trump did X, and so did Hitler!” has become so common a mad lib that most of the country doesn’t even care anymore. If every aspect of immigration law is literal Nazism, then most Americans are indeed Nazis, and the second they figure that out, our National life is going to improve dramatically.

Perhaps if these people are so concerned about Nazism, they would be well served to actually read Mein Kampf and check the source material. If they did, their fear would most certainly not subside, because Mein Kampf could have been written by an American last week. Jewish domination of media and finance was an obvious problem, and the German populace wanted that problem solved by their government. The Nazis pledged to do exactly this, and were granted omnipotent power to do so.

And so it comes to pass here in America. The differences are just as numerous as the similarities, but indeed the Leftists have been right about this much all along. Being Right wing is racist, and sexist, and anti-gay, and authoritarian, and for very good reason. Permitting Jews to stir up revolutions with their lies is against the National interest. The longer they are permitted to continue their subversion, the uglier the eventual correction must be, and yet they seem intent on dragging this out as long as possible.

The American people have absolutely had it with this nonsense, and that is why they elected Donald Trump. The moment the far left found themselves outside the Overton Window, they started throwing rocks at it, and this did not endear them to the people still inside the house. Now, communists riot in the streets in “resistance” as though completely oblivious to the fact that their impositions have been soundly rejected. If Trump proves unwilling or incapable of stopping them, the populace will not simply accept mayhem as the new normal. They will demand an even stronger leader to restore order.

If you thought children being separated from their criminal alien parents at the border was bad, just wait until entire families of former citizens are unceremoniously buried together, with the simultaneous blessings of both public policy, and popular opinion.

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