Radical Agenda S03E090 – Stage 3 Conclusion

I have an appointment this Friday with my attorney which will prevent me from doing that regularly scheduled episode of the Radical Agenda. With my trial fast approaching, I am under a great deal of pressure, and focusing enough to pull off this production is proving more difficult by the day. So rather than fall into irregular low quality production, I am going to conclude Stage Three of the Radical Agenda with this recording.

I’d like to start off by recapping how we go to this point.

Radical Agenda S03E090 - Stage 3 Conclusion

Radical Agenda S03E090 – Stage 3 Conclusion

Here at the Radical Agenda, we have been through one of the most thrilling journeys in the history of podcasting.

It all began with a small marketing company in Long Island, where two guys who drank too much after work decided to let their friends listen in on their political arguments. The production was aptly named “Some Garbage Podcast” and it lived up to its name. I gave it the self deprecating title because I did not take it very seriously and never thought it would go anywhere.

I was surprised to see the show getting a few hundred views per episode on YouTube. Before long it was over a thousand.

My co-host eventually lost interest, and I eventually moved back to New Hampshire, so the show fell out of regularly scheduled production. I instead dedicated my time to my writing and to the broadcast radio show I was co-hosting, Free Talk Live.

At the time, a fan of my blog had facilitated my move to New Hampshire by buying a house, which I was to manage and rent rooms out of to pay the bills. The plan, was for me to start a Free Stater enclave and be able to live essentially rent free by managing the facility. The place didn’t fill up as quickly as we had imagined and this led to a contract dispute with the owner, so I moved out rather hastily and found myself in desperate need of money. Free Talk Live didn’t pay much unless you sold ads for them, which I was never any good at. Blogging is not exactly a get rich quick type of endeavor, and my style was, to put it charitably, sort of a niche.

So I got back into regular production of Some Garbage Podcast from the place you now know as my “sorry excuse for a studio in Keene, New Hampshire,” and started soliciting donations with every episode.

I never thought it would work. I started looking at government freebies thinking I would soon be unable to pay my bills.

Come the end of each month I was always in a panic. Things were so tight, I always seemed on the brink of disaster, but with the generosity of my audience I managed to ever so thinly scrape by each time.

During one particularly vicious storm of political correctness from the left libertarians, I became very concerned with the accusations of racism pouring my way on social media. At the time, I thought being a racist was a very bad thing, and desperately wanted to clear my name of this heinous label.

I decided to throw a Hail Mary and email Walter Williams, asking if he would be a guest on the show. Walter, if you don’t know, is a black syndicated columnist and economics professor widely recognized in conservative and libertarian circles. I titled the episode “Pardon My Racism”.

When I introduced Walter on the show, I felt ashamed of myself saying “Welcome to Some Garbage Podcast” because I considered him a really big “get” at the time. To introduce this esteemed guest onto something with “Garbage” right there in the title felt undignified.

This production was paying my bills. I managed to get some great guests on. It was time for me to start taking this seriously, and so I contemplated a rebranding.

I had recently read a blog post by Murray Rothbard about the conflict between anarcho-capitalists and minarchists within libertarianism titled “Do You Hate The State?” In it he said, among many other quoteworthy things, “What divides the movement now, the true division, is not anarchist vs. minarchist, but radical vs. conservative. Lord, give us radicals, be they anarchists or no.”

Even then, lacking the wisdom I possess today, I knew our problems were so serious that absolute fanaticism for radical change was a minimum requirement for our salvation. Libertarianism may as well have been my religion at the time I was so devoted to it. It seemed to me that the people in the movement who were obsessed with racism and sexism were distracting from the radical message of libertarianism. They were, in my mind, moderates, who could only take the non-aggression principle so far as it would accommodate their delicate emotional state. We were the true radicals, who militantly insisted that even racists had the right to be free from initiatory violence, and to defend themselves therefrom.

This agenda seemed so extreme, even to anarchists, and so was born the Radical Agenda.

I wanted to be the most fearless production on the Internet. No call was too extreme, no idea to dangerous to ponder, I shared details about my personal life, cried on air, and said fuck all the motherfucking time. (Sorry for the F).

To put it mildly, I made a lot of mistakes and looked like a fool more than a few times. I learned a great deal, even if a bit more slowly than ideal.

Then one day a black guy called me a misogynist on Twitter, and to show him how much I thought of his political correctness, I called him a nigger. “If you think my sexism is bad, wait until you get a hold of my racism” I mused to myself.

This got me suspended from Free Talk Live when I refused to apologize, but a few weeks later I was back on. But that was short lived.

Stefan Molyneux released a video he did with Charles Murray about Race & IQ, and this was brought to the attention of a Facebook group for financial supporters of Free Talk Live. The listener who posted it called Stefan Molyneux a racist for making it, and having been a frequent critic of Molyneux, I thought this was a great opportunity to talk some shit, so I watched the video looking for an opportunity to attack.

What I found was a genuine intellectual inquiry about a topic so important it could hardly be overstated. This science did a better job of explaining the problems in the black community than the constant cries of White racism I was getting so sick of hearing. It did a far better job of explaining them than the war on drugs, or the legacy of slavery, or the welfare state. Indeed, these problems were as natural as anything one could name, and saddening though it may be to hear, no government policy, or attitude adjustment from Whites, were going to solve them.

I challenged the merits of this accusation of racism, and sure enough, I too was called a racist, and this time I was not about to ask Walter Williams to clear my name.

This time I was fired from Free Talk Live permanently and branded a racist all over the airwaves. I thought I was completely ruined.

But I found out I was actually in better company than I had imagined. The Alt Right was just starting to become a thing. Immigration was a top issue in the Republican primary. Black Lives Matter was rioting in the streets over violent criminals. The time to talk about race was upon us, and the Radical Agenda was a perfect venue for the conversation.

Far from rendering me destitute, my new infamy increased the size of the audience, the number of calls, and my revenues. I got some videos demonetized, lost a few advertisers, access to crowdfunding, and a couple of payment processors, but I was determined to make it work and came up with creative ways of monetizing it. I think I was the first alt right production to set up a paywall. I started selling my own tshirts and hoodies. I researched every affiliate advertising program out there and gave the audience a wide array of ways to support the show, and my mastery of the English language fails to convey my gratitude for that support.

I decided if I was going to take pride in my biology, it didn’t make much sense to let my body go all to hell. I quit drinking, and started working out. I met a beautiful woman, who broke my heart and damn near killed me. I relapsed back into my degeneracy and almost destroyed the show.

But I managed to pull it back from the brink at the last minute. I asked for your forgiveness, and enough of you were kind enough to give it that I was able to continue production.

I went to the Bilderberg Group meeting and named the Jew in public for the first time. This brought a new level of pressure down on me which I had not yet experienced. I became a target of the Southern Poverty Law Center. It became almost impossible to monetize YouTube videos.

Undeterred I attended Richard Spencer’s speech in Auburn, Alabama. Then an event in Pikeville, Kentucky. Then people started talking about this huge gathering planned in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I just thought of it as another speaking engagement at first, but as the event drew nearer I realized that this was something very different than what I had experienced prior. The news coverage about this was not mere whining about political incorrectness. This was war propaganda being produced against us, remarkably successful war propaganda at that.

You already know what happened next…

Almost a year ago I left my house thinking I’d be home in a couple of weeks. Now I question if I’ll ever go home again. The infamous “Crying Nazi” video was far from the only tears I’ve shed since that day, and there have been many times where I just could not contemplate how I would survive another day of this ordeal.

Thankfully, the support I’ve received from all of you compelled me to power forward. The struggles I went through before that faithful day helped prepare me for the struggles I’ve endured since. I knew that our enemies would grant me no reprieve for cowardice, and so I tried to put on a display of courage which frankly felt rather fraudulent at times, because fellas, if I’m honest with you, I’ve never stopped being afraid.

But I’m reminded of quote by James Neil Hollingworth;

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than one’s fear.

In that sense, perhaps I’m not such a fraud after all.

What started off as “Some Garbage Podcast” a thing so named because I did not take it seriously, led me down a path that made me part of something far more important than my own life. The fears we all have about our jobs, our reputations, our safety, and our lives, pale in comparison to the importance of the struggle we face.

So as we conclude Stage Three of the Radical Agenda, I ask that all of you keep a similar perspective. If our race disappears from the Earth, there is no coming back from that and we must be willing to pay literally any price to prevent that outcome. My life, your life, legal problems, bankruptcy, compare it to a world without White people and it won’t be a difficult calculation.

Better men than us suffered worse for less.

I do not know when you will hear from me again, but I promise that one way or another, you will hear from me again without undue delay. In the meantime I’ll make a suggestion. Imagine you were uncertain if you were about to spend decades in prison. Go find the person or people you would want to see before you went off to face that music, spend some time with them.

Because you literally never know when it’s going to happen.