Radical Agenda S04E000 – Just Getting Started

Here at the Radical Agenda, few if any thought we would ever make it this far. Even your humble correspondent had his doubts about our longevity. As mentioned in the Stage Three conclusion, this started off as little more than two drunks and a bit of self deprecating humor. Now thousands of men, and more pretty gals than most might guess, hang on my every word. We’ve been through a lot together. Blood, sweat, tears, and a staggering lack of metaphors. Freedom, incarceration, anarchy, fascism… Maybe I oughtta just quit? What else can we possibly do that hasn’t already been done? Wouldn’t want to jump the shark, after all.

Radical Agenda S04E000 - Just Getting Started

Radical Agenda S04E000 – Just Getting Started

On the other hand, it would seem that even those who do study history are in fact doomed to repeat it, fellas. This being the case, I say it is imperative that we get to write it this time. That is not going to be a small task.

In the early stages of the Radical Agenda I thought political power was a bad thing. Having felt political corruption so ruthlessly applied to me down there in the People’s Democratic Republic of Virginia, it would be very easy for me to go into a rant about hating the State root and branch and calling for its abolition. What I realized over the last couple of years is that this was a misguided viewpoint. At the very least, the State is a very powerful weapon which we must not permit our enemies to control, but of course, that minimal acceptance lends itself to the anarchist viewpoint that nobody should wield such a weapon.

Here is what I have learned in the last year. Only fools and cowards abhor power. Whining about injustice is an incredibly futile exercise. Men rule other men by force. That is as ordinary a feature of the human condition as sexual dimorphism, and you can no more change that reality than you can turn a penis into a vagina.

Righteous rule does not happen organically. It is not the default state of affairs. Either justice is imposed by just men, or tyranny is imposed by tyrants. PICK ONE!

The cruel, senseless, arbitrary and corrupt workings of Charlottesville did not happen because of the State, or the Jews, or the Federal Reserve, or name your bogeyman. That place, like countless places before it, fell to a mongrelized Jewish hellscape because righteous White men abdicated their position.

We can shitpost, have fun, vent, and all of that. Personally, I’m not going to become an optics cuck, and when such figures take shots at me I will return fire. But Gentlemen, we must exert an absolutely fanatical devotion to obtaining political power. We cannot afford to be ruled by our inferiors if we are to survive at all.

I recently learned a bit about humility as I stood in a courtroom and pleaded guilty to a crime I did not commit. At one point the Judge asked me “Are you pleading guilty because you are guilty?” and I paused before I said “Yes”. The Judge noticed this and said “I notice you paused” and I swallowed hard before assuring her that I was indeed guilty, because to do anything else would have kept me in that hellhole for another month, and set me before a hostile jury with a prosecutor willing to suborn perjury.

She asked at one point if there was anything else I wanted to say, and those of you who know me are quite certain I wanted to say a great deal, but I declined the invitation.

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, and you’ve got to keep your mouth shut or say something that does not match your perceptions.

So as we go forward I am going to ask you to bear with me as I adopt a diversity of tactics. More than that, I am going to ask you to stop pushing others to join us on the fringes. Nothing I ever do will make me suited to the election business. There are good and talented men who understand the things we understand, and we would all benefit greatly by them obtaining wealth and power. Diminishing their prospects by pushing them to name the Jew or fight in the streets will only benefit our enemies.

Very soon, I will get back in my car and travel across the country to meet with many of you. We must get to know and trust one another, develop a vetting process, a hierarchy, a division of labor, and secure communications. One major goal of Stage Four will be to organize ourselves to a point where 100 men can show up for a provocative demonstration on a week’s notice, without the enemy getting wise to our plans. Imagine the psychological impact on our rivals when they see a series of news reports about a hundred armed Nazis appearing out of nowhere and vanishing just as mysteriously.

Once we have established that much discipline we can move on to Stage Five, and then things will really get interesting.

Before I move on, let me send a special thank you to those of you who have followed me from the beginning, and an only slightly less special shout out to those of you who followed me since Free Talk Live or some other pre-Charlottesville stage of our ideological shift. I apologize if this has made your life more difficult, which I’m nearly certain it has. I thank you for your integrity, and your loyalty.

At the risk of sounding like a cuck, let me also send a special shout out to my listeners who do not fit the heterosexual White male archetype we have attempted to embody and promote here on the Radical Agenda. Long time listeners will recall that I often muse about the diversity of this show’s callers. I don’t think diversity is a strength when it comes to building a nation, but I do think it promotes excellent conversation, and that’s kind of an important feature for an open phones radio show. The listeners who fit the archetype are certainly my most important political allies, but I don’t mind engaging in some free market affirmative action when it comes to radio calls. I genuinely want to have mutually beneficial relationships with everybody who I can have them with, and I’ll happily grant deference to dissidents who call into this show, as long as they engage in worthwhile dialogue.

In fact, I find it a sad state of affairs that so few bother to do so.

For those of you just joining us for the first time, I say linger longer. Many of you might recognize that as a catch phrase from the Opie & Anthony show, from which this pogrom is much inspired. My name is Christopher Cantwell, and I am what might charitably be described as a shock jock. The subject matter we discuss here is deadly serious, but you must always keep in mind that this is an entertainment program. Before I got kicked off Roku, it was in the comedy section. Before I got kicked off Facebook, the brand page was categorized as an Entertainment Website. Before I got into podcasting, I was a standup comedian in New York.

This is not to say I am some mere dunk tank clown saying the things I say for the sake of pissing people off. I’ve been known to do that kind of thing from time to time, but as I honed my craft I realized that the best way to upset people was to tell the truth, and here we find ourselves. That said, I take a lot of artistic license with the manner in which I present information here. So as we take this production from the Internet and into the streets, you have to remember to prioritize the instructions I give you offline. We can shitpost about insurrection and race war in a fictional setting and have a lot of fun with it. Guys tell me they listen to this show when they go to the gym because it gets their blood up and they can work out harder. But when we enter the real world, violence is not nearly as entertaining, and you are most certainly not going to enjoy the legal repercussions of a failed coup.

A few months back some kike leaked a private conversation where I told him I was going to meet with the FBI about the events of last August, and people started calling me a fed. Rather than push back on this, I published a blog post titled “I Am A Federal Informant”. Feel free to assume that I am exactly that, and assume the same about everyone else. Everything we do has to be legal, or we will be destroyed by the government. Look at what I’ve been through over the last year without breaking the law. If you come to me talking about illegal shit, plan to get turned over to the FBI, because I’m going to assume that you’re the fed in that situation.

If you want crime and violence, join the communists. They love that shit, and they get away with it too. Here at the Radical Agenda, we’re White men, and the type of suffering we mean to inflict requires force of Law.

With this lengthy disclaimer out of the way, I welcome you to Stage Four of the Radical Agenda.

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