Radical Agenda S04E006 – Racial Awareness

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, and the media left and right abounds with renunciations of “hate” and “bigotry” and “violence”, each accusing their opponents of stoking the same. To the uninitiated, it can all seem quite confusing, but here at the Radical Agenda we see a very clear picture of what is before us.

We didn’t start off as “racists” or “Nazis”. For your humble correspondant, this began with libertarianism. We didn’t see why merit and personal responsibility were seen as hateful. It completely escaped us how someone could say individualism was racist.

Radical Agenda S04E006 - Racial Awareness

Radical Agenda S04E006 – Racial Awareness

But as it turns out, when people are calling you a racist all the time, eventually you get sick of arguing with them. Eventually you try to understand what the racists are actually saying so you can distance yourself from them, and if you’re an honest person, you’ll find that harder to do than one might initially presume.

America is more divided now than at any time since the Civil War, and perhaps more now than then. You can categorize this divide in a lot of ways, be it partisan, racial, cultural, or geographic, but for our purposes today I’ll take a simpler angle. The country can be divided into two groups. Those who are racially aware, and those who are not.

This is not to say that the racially aware people are on the same side, mind you. Black Lives Matter is no less racially aware (even if they are less informed) than the Alt Right, and I don’t exactly see them joining together to form a political party. They do however have a symbiotic relationship in that they drive racial awareness sky high on all sides, making it borderline impossible for anybody not to take notice. The more that awareness increases, the greater the hostility between racial and ethnic groups.

In my most recent interview with Vice News, I was happy to see this message conveyed. I told Elle Reeve “The more the Left goes fucking insane, and drives up hyper awareness of the racial tensions, more and more people come to us, and that’s a very good thing”.

Whites have been racially unaware for way too long. No amount of “racist” messaging was able to wake them up to what was happening in their country. It was only the race riots and other hysterical behavior of the Left that made them see what was happening. They are still terrified to say so, for fear that they will be chased out of polite society, fired from their jobs, attacked in the street, sued, or framed for a crime.

The Left can intimidate people into not mentioning their fears of this, but they cannot intimidate people into not feeling intimidated.

Meanwhile, they are actually doing our work for us. By trying to align Trump and Fox News with White Nationalism, they are doing more to normalize us than we could ever attempt to do on our own. A piece in the Atlantic says that a year after Charlottesville “The White Nationalists Are Winning“.

The headline seems insane to the average observer. Republicans do everything in their power to distance themselves from us. We can’t even show our faces in public without fear of being assaulted as the government and media look the other way. We are cut off from social media, smeared by the mainstream media, and ignored by Right wing media. Our access to the financial system is severely restricted. How could we possibly be winning?

They credit Trump because they perceive it as politically advantageous to do so, but they miscalculate. Trump is trying to distance himself from us, and the Left simply refuses to permit him to do so. All the Left has to do to stop our advancement is agree with the President of the United States, but lacking any substantive policy agenda, the race card is all they have left. So they have taken the position that White Nationalism is normal, and that no disavowal of our views is strong enough to grant reprieve to any Republican.

To them, the only acceptable position for Whites is unceasing racial masochism. If they are not actively renouncing their own race and shouting down their own advocates, they are thought criminals. That might have an immediate impact of making people afraid to speak out, but it heightens racial awareness.


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