Radical Agenda S04E007 – Peak Optics

Here at the Radical Agenda, we realized a long time ago that the media was never going to portray us positively, no matter what we do. As Kessler found out the hard way, Jews are going to attack you as a senseless hate filled villain if you stand up for White people, even if you frame it as “White civil rights” and denounce Nazis and violence. Even President Trump is under attack for condemning “all forms of racism” because to the Jews, condemning “all forms of racism” is just a dog whistle to the Nazis. Only White racism is worthy of condemnation, in their book.

These people are not here to tell the truth. They are not here to negotiate. They are not here to inform the public. They are here to destroy the country.

Radical Agenda S04E007 - Peak Optics

Radical Agenda S04E007 – Peak Optics

The Left’s criminal darlings made that explicit this weekend, as they marched through DC chanting “No Borders, No Wall, No USA At All!” Try though the Jews might to make that look good, it’s absolutely impossible. Antifa knows that, which is why they assaulted reporters in Charlottesville. They assaulted a police officer too, and are actively trying to hide evidence of their crimes. The pattern repeated itself all over the world, even as far north as Toronto.

Scant though the coverage of this mayhem may be, it is available for those with the intellectual curiosity to look for it. Luckily, most of you seem to have followed my advice and stayed out of the spotlight this weekend, giving the Jews less Nazi distractions to pave over the awfulness of the criminals they’ve been elevating. They whined about “hate” and pretended Heather Heyer’s life had value, but in the end, the only spectacle for their cameras to cover were masked communists committing crimes and openly displaying their utter contempt for America, law enforcement, White people, and even the media that has been helping them get away with all of this.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just give your rivals enough rope to hang themselves. That is exactly what we did this weekend, and it worked out spectacularly. The Reds marched unopposed through Charlottesville, and when they had no Nazis to fight, rather than celebrate the peace they claimed to be seeking, they shifted their enmity toward the media and the police. In three months, voters will go to the polls with the Red Menace fresh in their minds, and the so called “Nazis” they claim to be fighting, as little more than a Leftist conspiracy theory.

It is no small task for a guy in my position to avoid publicity opportunities like we saw this weekend. Professionally, I get concerned about the content here going stale, or our growth being stunted by inaction. There is a great temptation to recklessly charge forward and keep my name relevant at all costs, but today I am confident I made the right call by laying low this weekend.

The Vice News bit came across well. I got to blame the Left for the racial tensions, take the edge off the impression their audience was left with last year, and throw down the gauntlet for the hundred Nazi armed march.

Christian Picciolini’s new MSNBC series “Breaking Hate” launched on August 12th, where I was hailed as “one of the most effective propagandists working today”.

Three more months of discretion, and we’ll pop back up with these Jews eating from the palm of our hands.

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