Radical Agenda S04E008 – Punch Inequality

Chris Cuomo, and a surprising number of other Left wing pundits, were compelled to come to grips with Antifa violence after last weekend’s demonstrations in DC and Charlottesville. Despite the fact that, lacking Nazis to punch, the communists attacked reporters and police officers, Cuomo and others defended this mayhem as “fighting hate”. Cuomo said “all punches are not equal” and that there was no “moral equivalence” between us and the people who brag about assaulting us in the street.

There is some truth to this of course, just not in the way these Jews and their pets portray it.

There is no moral equivalence. One side is pure unadulterated evil. The other is trying desperately to save a nation from catastrophe. One side breaks the law. The other complies. One side supports the President of the United States. The other is threatening to kill or impeach him. One side is eager to debate. The other side only demands censorship of their opponents.

No Radical Agenda listener can be accused of refusing to listen to the other side’s viewpoint. Nobody can accuse us of not trying to resolve our differences peacefully.

We’ve spent generations studying their kind, and poured over the pages ourselves.

Radical Agenda S04E008 - Punch Inequality

Radical Agenda S04E008 – Punch Inequality

We talked to the New York Times, the Washington Post, NBC, HBO, the Huffington Post, Reuters, the Associated Press, Newsweek, and many others. We tried to build good relations with our neighbors and our authority figures. We cooperated with government investigations. We voted. We donated. We applied for permits. We went to demonstrations.  When the police refused to defend us, we defended ourselves. When good men went to jail for doing the right thing, we took care of them. We set up a radio show, where literally anybody could say literally anything. We invested blood sweat and tears into promoting it. I went to jail, framed for a crime I did not commit, and was coerced into pleading guilty, all in the hopes that we could have more conversations with the people we disagree with. You paid a talented man to educate himself and communicate our ideas. Whatever his flaws, nobody can accuse him of not bringing attention to our cause.

One hundred of us in our socks and underwear could lay waste to a thousand of them with baseball bats, and by the way, we’ve all got guns and permits therefore. If we wanted violence, nobody would be asking us if we wanted violence. There would be no confusion over dog whistles. They would just repeat the steadily rising body count every hour on the hour until we took over the news channels. They would forget all about that disgusting pig Heather Heyer, as we gave them more than a car wreck to cry about daily. The fact that they are still alive to complain about us at all, is all the proof anybody should require to know that they are lying about our supposed bloodlust.

Not all violence is equal. Ours is better in every way. It is more righteous. More legal. And most importantly, more efficient. Yet, we show extraordinary restraint even while enemy propagandists go on television and advocate violence against us.

That restraint will not last forever, of course. Either order will be restored through elections and State action, or the Nation will descend into chaos and we will have to restore order by other means.

With 82 days to go until the midterm elections, it would seem Democrats are uninterested in restoring order peacefully.

Vermont Democrats had a difficult choice in their gubernatorial primary yesterday. A fourteen year old boy, or a tranny. They chose the tranny. The state which gave us Bernie Sanders, presently has a Republican incumbent for a Governor. His popularity has suffered after signing some gun control bills during his term, but one doubts a man in a dress will be attacking him from the right very frequently.

Let us all hope that Donald Trump chimes in on that campaign, and let us all hope that transgenderism is central to the discussion. The American people are more than happy to accommodate sick people, but if you go on television and tell them that they are morally deficient for rejecting a mental patient for governor, they will lose their patience. You don’t get to mutilate your genitals and call yourself a moderate, so this is a legitimate issue and a winning one for the GOP.

These people are trying to turn all of humanity into one genderless, uniform, brown slime. To add insult to injury, they are calling this dysgenic genocide “diversity,” as if you’re too stupid to see the contradiction.

Of course, you are not stupid enough to believe any of that. You are not weak enough to be bullied off the streets by HIV patients. Your ideas are valid enough to withstand the scrutiny of an open phones radio show. You can right this ship whenever you want to, and soon, you will.

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