Radical Agenda S04E010 – Taxing Truth

You might have heard I was involved in an altercation last year, which caused me a great deal of grief. Try though we did to keep that event peaceful, the Reds just were not having it, and the government refused to do its job. Being cognizant of the incentives we create, I think it is very important that we not reward criminal violence with political success, and so I think it equally important for us to hold public demonstrations in the near future.

As I contemplate this, I am reminded of the hellscape that unfolded last August. I think about the families of my former fellow inmates, who will suffer in the absence of their sons, brothers, and fathers for years to come. Occasionally, I chuckle about the communist landwhale Dwayne Dixon killed, but those laughs are not worth the price of James Fields’s life.

So I spend a lot of time trying to think of how we can avoid violence going forward.  Sadly, if I talked about those things on the radio, the violent criminals who attacked us and framed us for crimes, would use this information to cause the opposite outcome. That’s kind of annoying, to put it mildly.

Thinking of secrecy necessarily follows. This is an art our movement has room for improvement in. There are good reasons to keep secrets obviously, but I consider secrets a considerable burden. All men do, to some extent. Nobody would buy secrecy if it wasn’t valuable, and they certainly wouldn’t kill for it.

Radical Agenda S04E010 - Taxing Truth

Radical Agenda S04E010 – Taxing Truth

In a healthy society, secrecy ought to be a tax on wrongdoing. To borrow a line from Tucker Carlson “We, are moving in the opposite direction”.

It is impossible not to get angry when you are trying to do something legal, criminals conspire openly to violently screw it up, and the virtuous end up being the ones in the shadows.

There are thousands of good and capable men over here, begging for a lawful and honest solution to our problems. We are doing everything in our power to make our grievances heard, but we are being censored. Here we stand peaceful, though we are slandered, assaulted, and falsely imprisoned.

If anybody thinks that situation will remain unaltered for long, then they are far crazier than any man who would lay down his life, and perhaps more importantly the lives of others, to to see it change. We are serious fucking people, and you will listen to us, even if we have to show up at your house with rifles, and shout it from the property line.

You can interfere with my business. You can set your sights on Alex Jones next, and Tucker Carlson after him, but you can’t censor the truth.

The Jew is the enemy of the human race. He has been for as long as we’ve got written language to record it. Nobody gets kicked out of a hundred and nine countries, triggers a world war or two, and requires an army of lawyers, propagandists and soldiers to ensure his survival to this day, for no fucking reason.

If you think a literate populace isn’t going to figure that out someday, then pal, you folks ain’t as smart as most people give you credit for.

George Lincoln Rockwell wrote in White Power;

It is my hope to be organized and ready to channel this damned-up flood of righteous American rebellion against Jew tyranny, once it breaks loose, into CONSTRUCTIVE, rather than purely destructive directions.

If I am successful, we can find a just solution to the Jewish problem.

If I am unsuccessful, there will be Jews swinging from every lamp post in America.

Somebody blew his brains out more than 50 years ago.

Hitler barely mentioned Jews in Mein Kampf, compared to other subjects, and the few mischlings he was foolish enough to let remain in his military, betrayed their country in such spectacular fashion, as hadn’t been seen in Europe since their fathers did it in the prior war. Anybody with Bitcoin can buy that book from me as easily from me as they can buy cocaine.

You lie to our children, and threaten to take them away from us if we tell them the truth.

You send our sons to die in your wars, and threaten to conscript our daughters in the name of equality.

You corrupt the minds of the people who listen to your lies, and you call our truth “hate speech” as you break our laws to stamp it out.

When cutting off foreskins got old, you maniacs started giving out subsidized sex changes, and telling us it’s normal to cut a toddler’s clitoris off.

Everybody with a three digit IQ is eventually gonna get wise to this, and what the fuck are you going to do then?

You thought you would destroy our history, but you were wrong. Sooner or later pal, one way or another, you will become it.

Our records will stand. Your final chapters are already being written. They will tell the tale of a people who were given every gift, right, courtesy, privilege, and price, that could be afforded to a group of people. You took over our media and financial institutions, and by extension our government and everything in its preview. We actually let you do this in full view of the public, and you thanked us by telling us to cut our dicks off and die in your wars. When that got old, the United States became the 110th country to show you the door.

Our historians are not yet sure where you’re going to go once the reasoning for the expulsion gets out there. I don’t imagine Israel is a very nice place for Jews to live in the absence of US military aid. You can only call the President of the United States a racist so many times before racism becomes fashionable all over the world, and it seems like immigration is a pretty hot issue these days.

I hope you’ll understand my lack of sympathy given the aforementioned grievances, and I invite you to try and guilt me out of thinking these things at 740-I-AM-1488, or Radical Agenda, on the Skypes there.

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