Radical Agenda S04E011 – Turning Away

I never thought I’d say this, but Elizabeth Warren actually said something pretty insightful the other day. As she rolled out a not so insightful “Anti-Corruption Act,” the Massachusetts communist called attention to a poll that said less than one in five Americans trust their government to do the right thing. She described the situation as a crisis, the kind of crisis that “leads people to turn away from democracy” and “gives rise to authoritarians”.

Radical Agenda S04E011 - Turning Away

Radical Agenda S04E011 – Turning Away

Now, I’m sure this seems rather entry level to a Radical Agenda listener, but it is amusing to see a Democrat show a tiny blip of self awareness. Most of these people just pretend that you, me, and Donald Trump, are merely some kind of strange, temporary aberration. An obstacle to overcome on their otherwise smooth trip to egalitarian Utopia. Usually, when asked what motivates us they say “hate” or one of their other stupid buzzwords. Here, it almost sounds as if Warren understands the forces at work in America today.

No reasonable person trusts the government anymore. Why should they? Over four million people in America have a security clearance, over a million of them have Top Secret clearance.

When you share your top secrets with a million people, they stop being secrets. Trust simply cannot be spread that thin.

Trust gets even harder to spread around when the people of your society have absolutely nothing in common with one another. This obsession with diversity has cursed us with a population that lacks a single unifying characteristic. A landmass occupied by people of different races, religions, cultures, political mindsets, and languages, is not a country, it is a battlefield.

When your interests and the interests of your neighbor stand in such stark contrast, that you clamor over control of the State in fear of the other’s rule, you are not countrymen. You are enemies.

If you can’t trust the media, who can you trust? I used to think the media was a tool of the State. Today I wish it were.

We don’t trust our government. We don’t trust our neighbors. We don’t trust our corporate infrastructure. We don’t trust our information sources. We don’t trust our electronic devices.

We can’t. We live in a well funded state of absolute chaos. Masked anarchists riot in our streets assaulting people and destroying property. The media tells us they are freedom fighters. Our government jails us for protecting ourselves from their violence. Americans are killing their babies, mutilating their genitals, giving away their country, and being told to hurry up in the name of “progress”.

Nothing can be trusted in that environment. Order must, and will, be restored.

This is how the virtue of authority reveals itself. Hyperinclusive mass democracy is a Jewish con game, where hooknosed swindlers spread lies through the media to dupe an unwitting populace into bankruptcy and genocide. The cure to this lethal ailment is a strong ruler who is impervious to both the lying tongue of the Jew, and the complaints of those the Jew has already fooled.

When so much of the society has become corrupted beyond repair, ruthlessness is required to rescue the remnant and restore it to glory. Of course the authoritarian’s decisions will be unpopular. That is precisely the point. The majority has no concept of how to run a society. Their decisions have resulted in exactly the chaos and misery which gave rise to the authoritarian.

America is turning away from democracy, and not a second too soon. No “Anti-Corruption Act” or other nonsensical paper shuffling will stop this from happening. It is not so much “the government” we have lost faith in as it is our fellow man. We have had quite enough equality, tolerance, and inclusivity. We now turn our political appetites to the pursuit of strength, greatness, order, and reform.

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