Radical Agenda S04E012 – Sentenced

Jacob Goodwin and Alex Ramos were both sentenced yesterday for their role in forcibly stopping DeAndre Harris’s violent crime spree on August 12th of last year.

Radical Agenda S04E012 - Sentenced

Radical Agenda S04E012 – Sentenced

Harris was caught on video repeatedly assaulting our comrades with weapons that day, but was mysteriously only tried for a single misdemeanor assault, which the judge found him not guilty on despite video and eyewitness testimony. In contrast, Goodwin and Ramos were both tried for malicious wounding, a Class 3 felony, and sentenced to eight and six years in prison respectively, for putting a stop to his reign of terror. Daniel Borden pleaded No Contest to the same, and still awaits his sentence. Richard Preston, my former cellmate, was sentenced to four years in prison for firing a single shot into the ground, in his effort to stop Corey Long from setting rallygoers on fire.

Harris, Long, and other nigger criminals had been riled up by Jews in the days and weeks leading up to the rally. They wielded clubs, makeshift flamethrowers, and hurled projectiles. They lied to the media, and to the court, and though video contradicted their sworn testimony, no charges were brought and no corrections were issued.

Some folks had the nerve to ask me “If you didn’t do it, why did you plead guilty?”

This is why. Truth is not the priority of the Charlottesville court system. This is what the communists call “racial justice” and they are half correct in their terminology. It’s racial, if not justice.

I used to get confused as to why people accused me of “hate speech” when I first started discussing race. Noting that there are differences between racial groups in socially valued categories like intelligence, athletic prowess, and behavioral inclinations, didn’t make me hate anybody.

Over the last year though, I have learned to hate. These people attack us, lie, and send good men to prison. They interfere with the proper functioning of our governments, and contaminate our entire civilization with corruption.

They claim that we are motivated by hate, long before we are, because they know that we will become violently angry when we figure out what they are doing.

Well, you and I know now, and our enemies were absolutely right about that much.

You can write our political prisoners at

Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail
160 Peregory Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Include the name and inmate number on the envelope, listed below

Jacob Goodwin – Inmate #634728
Daniel Borden – Inmate #631461
Alex Ramos – Inmate #632152
James Fields – Inmate #631438

You can send them money for their commissary accounts with a money order, or by using JailATM.com.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 740-I-AM-1488 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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