Radical Agenda S04E013 – Mavericks

You’ve probably heard that there is one less neocon on this earth. John McCain’s family had announced Friday that he would no longer be seeking medical treatment for his brain tumor, and before the weekend was over his death was likewise announced.

Radical Agenda S04E013 - Maverick

Radical Agenda S04E013 – Maverick

Fox News then erupted into praise for the Arizona Senator’s “maverick” career. His willingness to vote with Democrats was somehow hailed as a positive characteristic for the Republican who gave the White House to Barack Obama. Everybody from Donald Trump to Chuck Schumer reacted with warm regards and praise for the man who’s deciding vote kept Obamacare the law of the land last year.

I have little use for such niceties. John McCain’s willingness to turn on his party was not the result of thoughtful deliberations, reverence for our constitution, or anything so noble. He was a reliable agitator for foreign conflict, a persistent advocate of big government at home, and a frequent prop for Democrats who wanted to make their far left agenda look bipartisan.

After the death of Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration frequently used to counter criticism of the Iraq war by insisting that the world was a better place for the Iraqi dictator’s demise. To the same extent this holds water, we can praise brain cancer for ridding us of John McCain.

A more praiseworthy group of dissenters can be found across the pond with the Liverpool ReSisters. The “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” (TERF) group plastered stickers across a beach in Liverpool which read “women don’t have penises”. Obvious though the truth of this statement may seem to Radical Agenda listeners, the act has been condemned as hate speech by people who view truth and hate speech as being one in the same.

Transgenderism is to sex what bipartisanism is to legislation. They are elaborate con games that invariably push society leftward to catastrophe. Women don’t have penises, and Republicans don’t vote for Obamacare, and anybody who says otherwise deserves nothing short of a lethal brain tumor.

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