Radical Agenda S04E014 – Monkeyed Up

Yesterday, some very interesting action took place in the war of extremes that has engulfed American politics. Primary day in Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma gave Trump another winning streak on the Republican side, while socialist negroes and muff divers solidified their takeover of the Democrat Party.

In Arizona, Sheriff Joe got trounced by a woman in his bid to replace Jeff Flake. Suboptimal though this may seem on its face, Martha McSally did manage to take more than 50% of the primary vote, besting both Arpaio and Kelli Ward combined. The three way race became a competition of who could suck up to Trump the best, and McSally wisely rejected the endorsement of her predecessor for that purpose. Unfortunate though it may be that Senator Arpaio will not be proposing pink underwear and concentration camps for illegals on the Senate floor, the wisdom seems to be that McSally stands a better chance of winning in the general election, and we certainly do not want the Democrats to gain control of the Senate.

She will go on to face Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, who currently holds a seat in the House of Representatives.  Kyrsten is the first openly bisexual woman to gain a major party nomination for the United States Senate, and I’m sure you can imagine how gleeful this makes the degenerate base of the Democrat Party. As it turns out, leftists will still like you if you’re white and blonde, so long as you engage in a sufficient amount of homosexual behavior.

Radical Agenda S04E014 - Monkeyed Up

Radical Agenda S04E014 – Monkeyed Up

In Florida, Trump’s endorsement took Ron DeSantis across the finish line in his primary bid for Governor. On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders managed to get Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum the nomination, despite a debilitating skin condition which negatively impacts his IQ and subsequent understanding of economics.

After his victory, DeSantis appeared on Fox News to say “The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases bankrupting the state.”

Needless to say, the Left went into hysterics accusing DeSantis of dog whistling to racists, since any mention of monkeys on the same continent as a black man, is obviously a reference to the ape like features of America’s crime demographic.

And so here we find ourselves, 68 days from the most important election since Trump’s 2016 landslide. The economy is booming, the country hates the media, leftists are rioting in the streets talkin bout “fuck optics”, and a rainbow coalition of blacks, trannies, dikes, and open communists have actually convinced themselves that they can take over the federal government, just by calling sane people bigots and promising free stuff to illegal immigrants.

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