Radical Agenda S04E025 – Woodwork

Brett Kavanaugh should already have been confirmed to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court of the United States. In a desperate attempt to protect the abortion industry from justices that will uphold the US Constitution, Democrats withheld a sexual misconduct allegation from Christine Blasey Ford until the last minute. The allegation dates back to the early 80s, lacks details, and has been categorically denied by everyone but the accuser. The timing, and stall tactics since deployed, have made the fraudulent nature of the accusation obvious to all but the most senseless of Americans.

The Left managed to delay a vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation until this coming Thursday, when Ford is set to tell her lies under oath. According to Tucker Carlson, any delay beyond this Thursday would likely stop the confirmation altogether, since Senate rules could prevent a vote from coming before the midterm election this November.

Radical Agenda S04E025 - Woodwork

Radical Agenda S04E025 – Woodwork

As if on cue, another woman named Deborah Ramirez has come forth claiming that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her while she was drunk at a college party. Ramirez, you may be shocked to hear, is a registered Democrat. She told the New Yorker that she “works toward human rights, social justice, and social change.” She also said of Kavanaugh, “What does it mean, that this person has a role in defining women’s rights in our future?”

This thot’s motivations are as clear as those of the pink pussy hat wearing Ford. They are left wing feminist nutcases who think abortion is the lynchpin of human freedom. To them, smearing the reputation of a good man is a small price to pay for subsidized national sterility. All of their political opinions stem from the lie, that the Constitution of the United States guarantees a right to murder one’s unborn offspring. In their minds, all lies told in furtherance of that deception, become true by the magic of feminism. This is why we are told to “believe women” when they make these accusations by default. Not because the accusations actually have any merit, but because they serve what the accuser sees to be a good purpose. It does not matter if Brett Kavanaugh did anything to these two women, what matters is that feminists view Kavanaugh as a victimizer of women based on his politics, and if they have to fudge the details a bit to get their desired outcome, so be it.

It is worth mentioning that half the problem here is that the Reds win just by causing these denials in the first place. Brett Kavanaugh stands accused of getting drunk and trying to fuck two women who rejected his advancements back in the 80s. Even if everything happened exactly as alleged, he should just be able to say “That’s right, I tried to bang some thot back in the 80s, no big deal, let’s overturn Roe now.” Instead, he is denying the false allegations, and in the process granting legitimacy to the idea that it is a criminal act to try and fuck a girl at a party.

The other, and more immediate problem, is that Senate Republicans are cowards who refuse to call a whore a whore and liar a liar in order to accomplish important political goals. Democrats are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and murder for their stranglehold on political power. Republicans are unwilling to state the obvious truth. If Kavanaugh is not confirmed and the balance of power in the Senate changes, it will be one of the greatest missed opportunities in the history of the United States.

The good news is, this will pretty much legalize rape. The #MeToo “movement” has been berating people for the last year screaming that all women who make sex abuse allegations are to be believed regardless of evidence. Ridiculous as that is on its face, much of the country was willing to accept that idiocy. Destroying the life of a college kid because some whore woke up in his bed with a hangover, was a small price to pay for Americans to feel like they were doing right by women.

These claims however, are so completely ridiculous that even the New York Times, ABC, and CBS are becoming skeptical. It is really difficult to convince Americans that false rape accusations are rare, when false rape accusations become the political tool of the Democrat Party in a battle for control of the Supreme Court. When the whole country knows that the Democrats are willingly promoting false sexual assault allegations as a political tool, while the whole country knows it and half the country approves, why would anybody believe such allegations in other circumstances?

They won’t, and they shouldn’t.

So, sorry ladies. From now on you’ll want to be sure to be accompanied by a male relative when you leave the house. If you do get raped, you’ll want to make sure and have a video camera running and several male witnesses. We tried the “believe women” thing and it damn near lost us the Supreme Court, so we’re necessarily going to have to revise how we handle these things going forward. It was a fun experiment, treating you like human beings, but sadly it did not work out as we had hoped.

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