Radical Agenda S04E026 – Antifa Democrats

Occasionally, it is worth granting credit to one’s foes. At first glance, Antifa looks like a bunch of drug addicted criminals incapable of figuring out so much as which bathroom they should piss in. They certainly don’t show any particularly enlightened view of public policy, and without Jewish experts filtering the coverage through mass media deception, their public relations skills prove lacking. One would not expect such an inept group of lowlives to gain traction in a major political party, but they have nonetheless managed to do so.

Radical Agenda S04E026 - Antifa Democrats

Radical Agenda S04E026 – Antifa Democrats

This in part stems from the unwritten policy of the Democrat Party to never punch left. Democrats never attack their extremists, even when they commit acts of violence or engage in other criminal activity. Democrats alternatively endorse or ignore Antifa terrorism, but never, ever, do they dare to condemn it. As the Democratic Socialists of America have begun their takeover of the Democrat Party, not only has there been no meaningful intraparty resistance, but their success stories have been lauded as the future of the party.

Just as essentially, one never sees Antifa act in a manner hostile to the political success of the Democrat Party. There are no “We believe survivors” chants at Keith Ellison events. Though “White supremacy” supposedly pervades throughout every crevice of American society, no Democrat fears being accused of racism, nor the mob violence that so often follows such accusations.

As Brett Kavanaugh is dragged through the mud with false rape accusations, which literally everyone knows are false, nobody on the Left dares to ask the obvious questions raised by the timing and tactics of the accusations. In fact, the more dishonest and outrageous the tactics deployed against Kavanaugh, and the Trump agenda more broadly, the more positively the subversion is received. The deceptive video edit by Kamala Harris, the Spartacus moment of Corey Booker, the blatant lies of Ramirez and Blasey Ford, the media coverage of Charlottesville and other Antifa riots, all paint the picture of a remarkably united American Left, so cohesive that their lies don’t even need to make an effort at credibility. They know who is on their team, they know which lies serve their purposes, and they work together in perfect harmony toward their mutual goal of Democrat rule.

Recently a mob confronted Senator Ted Cruz and his wife at a DC restaurant shouting “We believe survivors” and attempting to block his path as the wait staff attempted to escort them from the dining room. One presumably homosexual male demonstrator said “Beto is way hotter than you, dude!” in a reference to Cruz’s Democrat challenger in the coming election. The group identified themselves as “Smash Racism DC”, and Lacy MacAuley later told her twitter followers that she was involved in the attack. MacAuley is a well known Antifa agitator who famously told her accomplices “do not snitch” in reference to their crimes in Charlottesville.

Antifa tries to pretend they are a decentralized grassroots movement fighting for noble purposes, while the Democrats pretend to be a reputable mainstream political institution with a solid grip on reality. In truth, they are singular cohesive unit, together with their mainstream media allies. They have a militant wing, a political wing, and a propaganda wing, all working in perfect unison to deceive and coerce the public in their relentless pursuit of Democrat rule.

In just 40 days, we’ll find out how successful their strategy has been.

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