Radical Agenda S04E027 – United Right

What I think has been most remarkable about the last two years of American politics, is a growing realization that there is no redeeming value to Leftist ideology or the people who advocate for it. Trump’s election was a rejection not only of the Democrat Party, but of the Republicans who cowered from, and cooperated with, the routine dishonesty and belligerence of the the Left. Americans have completely had it with the constant disingenuous screams of racism and sexism. They have learned the hard way that no amount of capitulation, altruism, or self sacrifice will satisfy the Left’s insatiable appetite for power. They have reluctantly concluded that they share their continent with a hostile adversary who has rejected reason, truth, order, and decency, and can thus only be confronted by power.

Radical Agenda S04E027 - United Right

Radical Agenda S04E027 – United Right

This type of political arrangement proves difficult for those of us with standards. We do not like blind partisan loyalty, as it brings with it the potential for limitless abuse. If in the pursuit of political goals, we ignore the wrongs of our own side, we run the risk of becoming no better than our adversaries. We speak highly of principles and independence, of rules that transcend time and space, of the necessity for men to do the unpopular thing, when it is righteous. These ideals run contrary to partisanship, and so to our credit, we have largely rejected it, even when it has costed us.

What Democrats have made clear in recent years is that principles are a luxury afforded only to winners. One who advocates for an idea cannot consider himself an effective advocate if he is crushed by the power of his opponents, and the idea fades from our collective consciousness as a result. Only by wielding power can we hope to preserve our way of life, and secure the existence of our people.

For better or worse, political power is wielded in the United States by one of two political parties.

One of those parties rejects the United States Constitution and the rest of our history and traditions. They literally hate the DNA of our nation, and aim to see it replaced with the DNA of other nations. They view truth itself as an impediment to their agenda, and relentlessly set out to crush anyone who dares to honestly address the issues facing our country. They view merit as oppressive. They drag our women down with insane ideas of equality. They lie with perfect confidence, knowing they have an army of their fellow liars at the ready, prepared to lend credence to their deceptions.

The other party has too many flaws to bother listing here. I trust I’ve done a good enough job of informing this audience that no Radical Agenda listener thinks the Republican Party has been some eternal beacon of purity and virtue. They have used their power to implement bad policies. They have led our nation into catastrophic foreign conflicts on behalf of a hostile foreign government. But the worst sins of the Republican Party are contained not within the many pages of bad things they have actually done themselves, but in the many more examples of their unwillingness to confront and defeat the Left.

In the last two years, we’ve seen a remarkable change in attitude amongst Republicans which brings me more hope for our future than I’ve ever previously had the luxury of believing in. As the Left has resorted to violence, perjury, and hypocrisy on a previously unimagined scale, even the most moderate of Republicans have finally gotten the memo that Leftists cannot be negotiated with.

We saw this recently with Mitch McConnell slamming the “choreographed smear campaign” against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Where McConnell had previously given Jeff Sessions’s Senate seat to the Democrats by abandoning Roy Moore, the calumny and terrorism the Left has perpetrated since, has clearly impressed upon the Senate Majority leader the urgency of party loyalty.

I recently remarked on Gab that I am shocked at how much I have warmed up to Lindsay Graham, of all people. Graham has long tried to position himself as a moderate on everything except foreign policy, and frequently pursued bipartisanship at the expense of his Party and his Nation. I have despised him for years, but in recent months I have witnessed him use his moderate reputation much to the advantage of the President of the United States. It is difficult to brand a man a Right wing extremist while Lindsay Graham stands in one’s corner.

At yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Graham issued the most scathing condemnation of the Left’s calumny perhaps ever seen in that body. “Boy ya’ll want power, God I hope you never get it. I hope the American people can see through this sham.”

One hopes they do, and in just 38 days we will find out if that is the case.

If Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell have become convinced of the necessity for defeating the Left, then I would say there is good reason to be optimistic that the American people understand this too. In this political climate, people have been terrified to speak out in support of the President of the United States, because they ran the very real risk of being publicly smeared, fired from their jobs, banned from social media, economically strangled, assaulted, sued, and framed for crimes. These threats can and do stop people from speaking out, but the test will be what happens when they can vote their conscience with the protection of the secret ballot, and if Republicans can retain control over the government while remaining as united as they are today, then there will be no stopping us as we fight to save our country from enemies domestic.

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