Radical Agenda S04E030 – Johnny Benitez

Johnny Benitez is a Right wing event organizer out of California who Univision has called a “Hispanic white supremacist” for his support of President Trump, and skepticism about the benefits of uncontrolled immigration. Among others, he organized an “America First” rally in Laguna Beach last August in the immediate wake of the Unite the Right rally, where upwards of 2500 people attended, and several were arrested as leftists attacked demonstrators.

Radical Agenda S04E030 - Johnny Benitez

Radical Agenda S04E030 – Johnny Benitez

Johnny contacted me on Gab, concerned that he might be facing some scrutiny for his connections to the Rise Above Movement, of which several members were recently arrested on federal charges. He wants to get his story out there, and I’m happy to help him do it. So he joins us for the first hour of the show today.

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