Radical Agenda S04E033 – Pocahontas & Friends

Elizabeth Warren wants reparations from Donald Trump, after a DNA test which she claims proves she was telling the truth about her Native American ancestry. The US Senator for Massachusetts, and Democrat presidential hopeful, has touted this supposed minority status for the entirety of her career. A 1996 piece in Fordham Law Review celebrated Warren as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color.” She has told a ridiculous story about her parents being madly in love and wanting to marry, but her father’s parents being too racist to permit the union on account of her mother’s injun ancestry, causing them to elope in secret. She contributed to a cookbook of supposed Native American cuisine called “Pow Wow Chow”, and was later discovered to have plagiarized the instructions word for word from a famous French chef. Until now, the only proof she had of her racial oppression, was her “high cheekbones“.

Radical Agenda S04E033 - Pocahontas & Friends

Radical Agenda S04E033 – Pocahontas & Friends

President Trump has mocked Senator Warren, calling her “Pocahontas” on the campaign trail. At one point he offered a million dollars to the charity of Warren’s choice if she could prove she was “an Indian”.

On Monday, Warren’s campaign released a video which she says vindicates her claims. You might be asking yourself “Did she use Ancestry.com or 23andMe?” but Warren was not leaving this to chance. After all, we’ve heard reports that one of the “major ancestry testing companies” was tampering with results to “screw with racists”. Warren, bearing an uncanny resemblance to her white oppressors, could easily be confused for a White supremacist, and so she hired Carlos D. Bustamante, a Stanford University professor and expert in the field, to handle her test privately.

Bustamante was recently featured by the MIT Technology review in a piece titled “DNA databases are too white. This man aims to fix that.

If Warren’s story were true, that would make her up to 1/32nd native, and indeed, Bustamante claims Warren has an “unadmixed” native ancestor. But the generational range based on the ancestor that the report identified suggests she’s between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American, or 0.015625% – 0.0009765625% Native American.

In contrast, your humble correspondant, and favorite Nazi podcaster, took a 23andMe test which claims that I have 0.1% Askenazi Jewish, and 0.2% Middle Eastern/North African DNA, and I was a guest on the David Duke show yesterday to discuss this very story. Dr. Duke pointed out during that talk, that these tests do not actually determine if you have ancestry of any particular sort, but rather if you have gene types in common with them, which in such small percentages, really tell us quite little. Dr. Duke also pointed out that when he was in the KKK, such small percentages meant nothing to the Klan. Backing the good Doctor’s assessment, Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro likewise called Warren’s claims “amazing, considering that even the most racist groups on Earth do not consider you to be a member of a minority group if you had a minority ancestor 300 years ago.”

What’s more, the study was based not on Native American DNA, but on Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian DNA. Even the Cherokee Nation issued a statement calling the test “useless” and claiming that Warrens continued comedic storytelling is “undermining tribal interests”.

Despite all this, Warren now says Donald Trump should “Pay Up” on his million dollar charity offer, because 0.0009% South American DNA apparently makes her “an Indian”. Perhaps I should take my 23andMe results to the credit card processors, and tell them to stop discriminating against me for my Jewish heritage. Perhaps I should sue every media outlet that called me “the Crying Nazi” for their racist attacks upon my eternally victimized ancestors.

The whole story fits the pattern we’ve been seeing from the Left, really forever, but especially since the election of Donald Trump. These people aren’t just lying, they are telling lies that do not even attempt to sound credible, providing the public with proof of the falsehood of their tales, and telling people to believe the lies anyway as an article of faith, or be called nasty names by people who want political power.

Let us hope they never, ever get it.

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