Radical Agenda S04E034 – Foreign Influence

Facebook has set up an election “war room” with just over two weeks to go before the US midterm elections, in which Republican congressional majorities are at risk. Supposedly aimed at combating “misinformation”, the war room has deployed an army of censors, who operate in secret with the explicit intent of influencing major elections.

The work environment at Facebook has been described as a Leftist “political monoculture” by Brian Amerige, an engineer who recently resigned from the company. Amerige told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that a small but vocal minority of activists have completely dominated all discourse at the company. Through accusations of racism, sexism, and other assorted “bigotry”, these activists are intimidating anyone, even company leadership, who dares to question “hate speech” and other content related policies. Facebook purports to be a communications platform for the sake of obtaining certain legal immunities, but in reality operates as a media company.

Radical Agenda S04E034 - Foreign Influence

Radical Agenda S04E034 – Foreign Influence

Interestingly, the other major election being watched in this war room is the second round of presidential elections in Brazil on Oct. 28. Far-right firebrand Congressman Jair Bolsonaro, is favored to win that election. He has been called the “Trump of the Tropics” and was recently hospitalized after being stabbed by a Leftist agitator. If anyone thinks Facebook’s electoral priorities are not ideologically motivated, they must be living under a rock.

Surely one thing that the war room will be looking for is anyone critical of the thousands of Honduran and other invaders, who are as we speak making their way North to the US Mexico border, with the explicit intent of entering the United States illegally. This “caravan” is supposedly scheduled to arrive right around election day, and Donald Trump has threatened to send the military to close America’s southern border as a result.

As early as 2015, Mark Zuckerberg and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were caught on a hot mic talking about removal of Facebook posts critical of German immigration policy. “Hate speech” policies at the company have become so expansive that any content which the political and ideological Left finds inconvenient is subject to censorship.

Owing to the methodology of the US census, and the way electoral votes and House seats are apportioned on its basis, illegal immigration influences our political landscape by adding extra weight to the votes of citizens who reside in “sanctuary cities” and locales where invaders reside. Even if the illegal alien never votes in a single election, his being counted in the census increases the political power of the jurisdiction in which he resides, so legal citizen voters in those areas have a greater impact than they do in areas where all residents are US citizens.

But of course, Democrats can’t just stop there. An informed population with 3 digit IQs will soundly reject the insane, suicidal agenda of the Far Left. To accomplish their ultimate goal and destroy America for good, they need these illegal invaders to actually vote in federal elections which, of course, is illegal.

Laws notwithstanding, the Texas Democrat Party asked non-citizens to register to vote, by sending out applications to immigrants with the box citizenship already checked “Yes”. This according to new complaints filed Thursday, asking prosecutors to investigate the scheme.

So while Facebook stepped up its already Orwellian and illegal censorship campaign in the name of stopping (((Russians))) from spreading information on social media, in the name of curbing foreign influence in US elections, they are simultaneously helping Mexicans, Hondurans, and others, in their efforts to impact US elections. They are censoring Americans who speak out against this attack on their country, and subsidizing participants in that invasion.

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